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Winter Fun Activities for Children

Winter Fun Activities for Children

Winters can be fun to spend quality time with kids. This winter vacations make try out some interesting winter fun activities and make these vacations worth making memories. Various will give you ample options to choose from.

Winter Joy

  • Exercise

Winters blues tend to make people especially kids quite lazy and they do not wish to do absolutely nothing. This habit of lazing around especially during the vacations tends to accumulate body fat! So, utilize this time to exercise together. Make it a practice to spare time each day, put on some fun music and work out together. Besides this, you could also be more creative and just dance to the music.


  • Have a picnic

Yes!! Now experience the picnic fun while staying indoors only. Spread a blanket at home and imagine you are in the great outdoors. Get a basket of your favourite picnic food and have a great indoor picnic.

  • Cook Snowman Popcorns

This winter season together with your child cook snowman popcorns. Get a pack of popcorns, cook them, pour them in a plastic glass and stick orange triangular shaped glaze paper as the nose and black oval shaped glaze paper as the eyes of the plastic glass. (Refer image)

Cook Snowman Popcorns


  • Crafty Fun

Utilize the winter break to make something creative, explore the innovative side of your child.  Collect a lot of tissue paper rolls, black markers, water colours, oil paints etc. Wrap around the roll on your child, put on a winter cap, wrap a funky colourful muffler around the neck and paint 3-4 buttons on the tissue paper. Children will love this activity and remember the fun time they had for years to come.

Crafty Fun

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