The increasing demand & the need for quality education have led to growth of many private entities in the field of education. Government schools are not enough to increase the literacy rate in our country. Therefore, to make this thing possible, a PPP (Public Private Partnership) approach is being followed these days to encourage the growth of private and public schools.

Opening a private school is a conducive business and if you want to make it successful, it is mandatory to be ready with a complete plan. It is important to have complete information of opening a school, knowledge of documents required and a full planned infrastructure. It may seem to you a difficult and time consuming process, but in the end it is going to give you benefits only.

If you are thinking to invest your time and finances in this business, you need to go through general procedure of opening a private school. To get yourself prepared for this, read out a quick summary given below:

1. Formation of Management:

The very first step is to form the board or society of interested individuals for running your school. Then, register your society under Societies Recognition Act, 1860. It is mandatory to register to prove non-profit motive of your society.

2. Get ‘’Essentiality Certificate”:

This certificate is provided by Department of Education of your state. The DoEanalyzes the need of opening a school in the particular location.It is required to establish your school within 3 years of getting Essentiality Certificate; else you have to apply for renewal.

3. Purchase a Land:

After getting Essentiality Certificate, “a letter of sponsorship” is forwarded to land owing agencies (DDA or MCD) according to the level of your school. This letter will help you in getting required land at subsidized rates from land agencies.

4. Apply for Recognition:

Once your school building is ready and you have established it, the next step is to get recognition from the authorities. MCD gives recognition to schools up to 5th standard. But if you are planning your school up to 7th grade, then you need to take permissions from the concerned DoE in your state. However, it is recommended to start with a primary school and later apply for its up gradation.

5. CBSE Affiliation:

To make your school known for quality education, it is essential to get it affiliated with the CBSE Board. The affiliation will make your students attend the public examination or get the benefits of its expertise curriculum.

Follow these simple steps and start your own private school. Take experts’ advice to manage your school, explore resources and provide best in everything to the students.

If you are inexperienced, never been associated with any educational organization and the above steps seem hard to achieve; follow the franchise path of ‘’SHEMFORD’’ Futuristic Schools. We have expert management team and curriculum is designed by country’s renowned educationists. SHEMFORD Group of schools with approximately 50 branches is the most trusting and successful brand to provide quality education across India. Further, we ensure you to provide our continuous assistance in planning, making and executing your dream of opening a private school with support system.

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