Bringing Innovation in Education System


Despite of finding faults with the education system in India, efforts must be made on how to bring innovation in the prevailing Indian education system. This is so because is the need of the hour to change the current scenario and raise the level of teaching-learning pattern. Moreover, an educationist with a New York-based University advocated the need for a change to allow freedom of creativity to promote innovation. Thus, there are three criteria viz. ‘Information’, ‘Understanding’ & ‘Skill’ based on which the level of knowledge that an individual possess can be measured. It is high time that the teaching fraternity realizes that theoretical knowledge is of no use unless and until a student gets a hands-on-experience. Application based knowledge is what is required to be imparted and that too using innovative teaching techniques. Furthermore, it is time to let go off the age old teaching style and adopt new techniques such as Student Response System (SR), English Language Lab, Visualiser, E-blocks, Digital Content, Interactive Whiteboards etc.

Besides the aforesaid techniques, there are a few recommendations that can turn out to be beneficial in bringing innovation in the education system. Primarily, efforts must be made to introduce Problem Based Learning (PBL) system wherein learning can be initiated by posing a problem, question, query or puzzle that the learner wants to solve. By adopting this approach, students will work in small learning groups which in a way will bring together their collective skills. Secondly, more attention on practical learning must be laid through the relevance of theory in actual life. Most importantly, there is a need to implement regular assessment and feedback system that should involve parents/guardians & classmates. Moreover, the teachers should adjust the pace and type of assignments accordingly. Thus, without affecting the traditional teaching pattern, bring innovations through unique student-friendly teaching-learning techniques for the bright future of the upcoming generation.


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