Business Schools as Placement Agencies


There was an opinion piece published in a popular news daily regarding the output of country’s leading business schools. The author argued that in order to take India further forward, the renowned business schools need to shape the students and stop being just placement agencies.


While the management and business schools in India catch most of the attention, various industries are heavily dependent on them. The pay packages for students graduating from these schools are relatively hefty and the most plausible explanation is the great responsibilities that lie on their shoulder. However, the recent economic downturn has made everyone sceptical about their expected role.

Business schools and other education providers are now looking forward to enhance their system and work upon providing quality education. The phenomenon can have a trickle down effect and further affect the primary and secondary schools.

The arguement also highlights some of the primary concerns for education experts and education service providers. In order to remain ahead, the institutions have to upgrade their systems and look for new ways. We expect that our audience will have some better opinion and will share it with us.

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