A number of ‘International Schools’ have sprung up in India. Today, there are a number of such schools in major cities of the country including New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and different parts of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. International schools are characterized by their state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with air-conditioned classrooms, digital libraries, sprawling playgrounds and cosmopolitan school building and education at par with global standards. Setting up an International School can involve huge investment of money, time and efforts. However, if you feel that you can open an International School and outshine amidst others in the field, then read on.

Here are the Key Requirements to Open an International School

Capital, which may range from Rs 2 Crores onwards, depending upon the facilities you wish to provide in your International School
Formation of Trust or a Society that would run your school
Choice of site and land for the construction of your International School’s building
Permissions from the state government for the construction
Affiliation/recognition from CBSE, ICSE or state Education Board
Expenditure on advertising and promotional activities
Here is the Procedure to Open an International School

First, prepare a detailed and comprehensive business plan for opening your international school. The business plan should be a working model of your school.

Next, arrange the budget required. The capital investment for starting your International School may be anywhere from Rs 2 Crore to Rs 3 Crores. This may be even higher, depending upon the infrastructure of your school. You may approach a private financer, financial institution or a bank to get loan for opening International School.

After the funds have been arranged, you may form a Trust or a Society that would administer your International School. The Trust should be registered in accordance with the Indian Trusts Act, with minimum 3 individuals as its Trustees.

The next step is to acquire the land required to open International School. You will require at least 2 to 3 Acres of land to start your school. The land can be either leased or purchased property.

Now, it is the time to get NOC from the state government and then start construction of your International School’s Building. You need to plan it out. You may approach an authorized architect registered with the Council of Architecture, to get approval for your school building’s plan and get guidelines about the positioning of the classrooms and other facilities.

Once the construction, interior decoration and finishing work is over, you may start the process of recruitment of educators, administrators and support staff for your school. You need to recruit subject teachers, Principal/School Head, Vice-Principal, lab assistants, librarian, accounts executives and support staff for your International School.

The final step will be to publicize the brand name of your International School, so that it gets noticed in your locality. Depending upon your budget, you may conduct advertising or marketing campaign that would help you promote your school.

Starting an International School involves the aforesaid procedure. If you feel that it is a difficult and expensive task, then you may opt for other options, such as taking franchise opportunity from an already established International School.

But, can an International School give franchise? The answer is YES. International Schools that are affiliated to a recognized Board can give franchise opportunities in India. Such schools are indulged in providing franchise to the budding entrepreneurs due to a number of reasons. Giving International School franchise provides the International School to grow and expand its network through its branches. Also, franchising allows the International School to ensure uniformity of procedures across branches, which in turn helps in enhancing productivity levels and better quality. On the other hand, the franchisees who take the franchise opportunity get to follow the business concept of an already established firm. Hence, giving and taking international school franchise is a fruitful venture. If you want to start an international school you may fill up the Franchise Application Form.

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