How mythology has taken a backseat in the current generation of kids

Mythological Tales

Do you know the importance of introducing stories of mythology to kids at a young age?

Check out the article by Mrs. Meenal Arora, Director – SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD Group of Schools, in The Statesman, National Edition, published on 5th Dec’19, where she talks about how mythology has taken a backseat in the current generation of kids and why is it very much relevant, even in the modern world.

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Artificial intelligence is Tramsforming the Teaching-Learning Process

Artificial Intelligence

The education sector is undergoing a revolution due to the advancements in Artificial Intelligence

Mrs. Meenal Arora, Director- SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD Group of Schools, shares her views on ‘How Artificial intelligence is Transforming the Teaching-Learning Process?’ in the reputed newspaper ‘The Statesman’ on 1st August 2019 Edition (Page no. 3). Don’t forget to share your views in the comment section below.





Franchising is a business concept wherein the franchisee uses renowned organisation’s successful business model. It is a planned agreement between groups of people wherein the franchisee is provided with business support and the brand name of the franchisor. Here, the franchisor is a provider or a supplier who supplies or allows the franchisee to use its trademark and business strategies and in return, the franchisee pays a fee.

Nowadays, franchising opportunities in education sector of India are growing at a fast pace. Through franchising, educational institutes like preschool, primary schools, secondary schools, coaching institutes etc. are expanding their presence in every corner of India. People who are looking to enter into the education sector of India are now adopting the proven strategy of franchising. Moreover, people are well aware of the fact that quality education secures a good future for their children. So, they search for a well-known and respected brand name for the education of their children. Therefore, investing in the recession free education sector is a wise decision.

Owing to this recession, business opportunists are investing hugely in this sector due to the following advantages associated with franchising opportunities in education sector of India. The benefits associated with the franchising opportunities in education sector of India are given below:

Through franchising, franchisee is connected with a well-established brand, reputation, product or service. On the other hand, the franchisor gains rapid expansion of business and earnings.
The franchisee is assisted with the selection of site, designing of the building and development of infrastructure.
The franchisee is supported with overall administrative management of the institute, by the franchisor. Recruitment and training of staff is handled by the franchisor to run the institute successfully.
Marketing and promotion of an education franchise is also managed by the franchisor. Franchisor provides the franchisee with pamphlets, banners, hoardings and flyers for the purpose, which helps the franchise to get easy and fast recognition in the market.
The franchisee does not find a barrier in financial assistance in the whole process because association with well-known and established brand ensures financial support from financial institutes.
The franchisee is aided with the adequate knowledge, expertise of the franchisor in the venture, which helps the franchise to run the institution smoothly and also minimise the efforts to attract the prospective consumers (parents).

All these assistances by franchisor make the business, an easy task for the franchisee and franchising as the preferred option to seek growth in the education sector. Minimum risk and higher rate of success has attracted more and more competitors in the education sector. There are many educational institutes that provide franchise opportunities across India and SHEMROCK and SHEMFORD Group of Schools is one of the leading names in this business. In the field of preschools and 10+2 schools, SHEMROCK and SHEMFORD Group is expanding with speed. The school chain has spread its branches all over India and now in Nepal. With a chain of 300+ schools, the Group has established a huge network and reputation beyond expectation. If you want to open a school and wish to avail franchise facilities from SHEMROCK and SHEMFORD Group of schools, you can click on the tab to fill the franchise application form.



The unending demand of schools in India has paved the way for many aspiring entrepreneurs to invest in this sector. Today, more and more people are opening schools in India, even though it is a tedious and time-consuming process. Setting up a school involves various aspects such as arranging funds, obtaining NOC and other documents. However, the most important aspect is to seek affiliation to a recognized Education Board. In India, schools seek affiliation to CBSE, ICSE or State Boards. Being the apex board of education in India, CBSE grants affiliation to Government, private and public schools. Moreover, schools affiliated to CBSE are the most preferred schools in the country. Therefore, it has become imperative for the schools to get affiliation from the CBSE board to get listed amongst the top schools of the country.

Here are a few tips for opening CBSE schools:

If you want to open CBSE School in India in any of the metropolitan cities having population more than 25 lakhs, then ensure that the land you choose is at least 2 acres.
It is mandatory to obtain the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the State Department of Education. So, make sure you obtain the NOC within the stipulated period of time.
You must also ensure that each classroom is built on a minimum area 500 sq. ft. Moreover, the classrooms should be well-ventilated.
Next, if the school is running under a Society/Trust, then ascertain that it is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 or Indian Trust Act, 1882. This will ensure the non-profit nature of the organisation.
Make sure that your school possesses appropriate infrastructure. This should include suitable furniture, appropriate office equipment and well-equipped Science, Math & Computer labs.
Apart from this, there must be a well-equipped library with at least 15oo books for reference and study material.
The school must possess sufficient funds to pay salaries to the staff, incur running expenses and to ensure stability in the long run.
The fee charged must be nominal and under the heads prescribed by the Department of Education and according to the facilities provided by the school.
The students must be enrolled without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed or colour.
Lastly, there must be proper provisions to ensure safety, maintain hygiene level and safe drinking water as well.

The tips given above throw a light upon the essential prerequisites required for opening a CBSE school. However, if you are caught in the dilemma whether to open a school on your own or not, then it will be a wise decision to own a franchise. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is a leading name in the education sector. SHEMFORD runs a chain of schools affiliated to CBSE and offers lucrative franchise opportunity. So, fill this franchise application form and enjoy the benefits of this reputed brand.



The first few years of a child’s life and the early year experiences play an important role in her emotional, social and intellectual development. The education provided to a child during these years helps the brain to develop in a healthy and proper way so as to support the child throughout her life. Moreover, a child in her early years is very curious and has a desire to explore the world around her. This natural curiosity needs to be channeled in the right direction. For this purpose, many preschools, nursery schools, Montessori schools, kindergartens etc. have been set up at many places.

Such schools emphasize on providing a secure & home-like environment where a child can grow and learn all the basic life skills in a playful manner. Moreover, the atmosphere at nursery schools is so friendly that a child simply loves to stay in the school. So, parents are also equally satisfied in sending their child to preschools, as they prepare her for the big school. Besides this, nursery schools, kindergartens, preschools etc. are a safe option for the working parents to leave their child, while at work.

All the factors mentioned above plus the busy lifestyles of parents in Mumbai are some of the prime reasons for the tremendous increase in the demand for more and more nursery schools in Mumbai. Owing to this increasing importance of such schools, it is a wise decision to invest in this lucrative enterprise. Some of the top nursery schools in Mumbai are:

SHEMROCK, Navi Mumbai
Kangaroo Kids, Bandra
Kidzee, Andheri
EuroKids, Lokhandwala
The Tree House, Goregaon

If you too want to start a nursery school in Mumbai, either take up a franchise of an established brand or start a preschool on your own. However, it is advised to own a nursery school franchise as it will make the entire task of stating a nursery school a lot easier. From the names mentioned in the list above, SHEMROCK is one such brand which offers fruitful franchise opportunities to people who want to start their own nursery school. The support team at SHEMROCK guarantees strong support and guidance throughout the entire process. So, fill up the franchise application form and get associated with the leading brand in the education sector.


school accredition

Fill the Franchise Contact Form to get consultant’s advice.

India is witnessing a boom in the field of education, which is evident from the sharp increase in the literacy rate i.e. from 65.38% in 2001 to 74.04 in 2011. This has instilled the need to impart quality education and schools are those educational institutions that offer the platform to move ahead on the path of development. A school seeks affiliation from a recognised education board and hence follows the guidelines and curriculum offered by it. India has primarily 4 boards of school education namely Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Indian Certificate Secondary Education (ICSE), State Boards and International Baccalaureate (IB).

Nowadays, apart from seeking affiliation, a school gets accreditation from the Board it is affiliated to. Accreditation simply implies that the educational institution is assessed to gain recognition from that education board which will lead to smooth flow of operations. The schools in India are accredited by following the simple steps mentioned below.

Firstly, a school should become an affiliate of any education board prevalent in India. The education board appoints agencies that are responsible for performing the assessment process.
Now, the school should keep itself updated with the accreditation process that the education board will conduct. This would include filling up the form and submit it to the concerned authorities.
After that, form a school assessment committee to review the operations conducted in the school. This would include all aspects ranging from the level of education imparted to other matters like infrastructural facilities provided to the staff members and students. Apart from this, the legal and financial records would also be verified.
Then the assessment agency will intimate the specified details with time and date of inspection. So, the school should furnish unaltered facts and figures and guarantee that the management committee, staff and students are present for verification by the inspection team.
Once the assessment procedure is completed, the school shall be provided with the assessment report to know the status of operations conducted and improve upon the spheres in which it lacks.
And after making the necessary amendments in the style of working, the school will acquire the privilege to be listed as an affiliate and accredited institution on the website of the respective education board.

The process of accrediting comprises of various standards, adhering to which, will provide framework to plan, establish, operate, monitor and improve the educational service. Hence, it is advisable that the schools which have not yet filed in for accreditation should do it without losing much time as this would ensure better working in the future. Fill the Franchise Contact Form to get consultant’s advice.


Success and development of a nation reflects the education level of its people. Various educational institutions cater to fulfill the increasing demand of quality education. School education is perhaps the most important yet basic element of education system as it lays down a strong foundation for further learning. Some states of India refer to 10+2 schools as Inter colleges which are affiliated to some education boards like CBSE, CISCE and State boards. Though the aim of all these boards of education is directed towards the same mission of imparting education but they have different ways of delivering it.

In order to seek affiliation from CBSE and CISCE boards, there are various norms that need to be followed. They are listed as follows-


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the apex education board in India. It is the most preferred and popular board in India as it offers affiliation to both English as well as Hindi medium schools. It conducts AISSE (All India Secondary School Examination) for class 10 and AISSCE (All India Senior School Certificate) for class 12. The schools that can seek CBSE affiliation are-

Government schools,
Schools run by government department like defence, railways etc. ,
Private schools and
Schools run by autonomous organisations under the Government like Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS), Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS), Central Tibetan Schools Organisation (CTSO), Sainik Schools Society etc.

Various norms laid down by the CBSE, to seek its affiliation-

The school must have a minimum land area of 2 acres that would accommodate school building and playground as well.
The land should be owned by the school or the society which is running the school. If the school is managed by a society/ trust, then it should be registered and must be non-proprietary in nature.
The classrooms must be constructed on a minimum area of 500 sq. ft.
The school should possess well equipped Science, Math and Computer labs along with rooms for extracurricular activities.
The school must also have a fully equipped library with a minimum size of 14mx8m, with quality reference and reading materials.
Every affiliated school except schools run by the Education Department should have a School Managing Committee.
The fees should be charged under the heads prescribed by Department of Education, according to the facilities offered by the institution.
The students should be enrolled without making any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed or religion.
Proper provisions must be made for safety, sanitation and drinking water.
There should be proper admission procedures for teachers, according to the pay scales prescribed by the Government of India.


The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) is a private, non-governmental board of school education in India which strictly provides English medium curriculum. It conducts two examinations ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) for class 10 and ISC (Indian School Certificate) for class 12.

In order to seek CISCE affiliation, consider the following points-

The school should be run by a registered Society/ Trust which should work as a non-profit organization.
The school should form a Managing Committee which will be responsible to obtain the NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the State government.
The medium of instruction in the school must be English only and the scheme of studies must be in accordance with the scheme laid down by the CISCE.
The school should preferably have two acres of land where the building and playground can be constructed.
Teaching staff must be properly qualified and trained and should be remunerated as per the State Government norms.
Also, the institution should possess well equipped library, Science (separate for physics, chemistry and biology), Math and Computer Labs.
In addition to this, the school should also have medical rooms to safeguard students’ and staff’s health.
The school should maintain proper records of admissions and enrollments of students and the staff as well.

These are some of the norms that should be adhered to while seeking affiliation from any of the two education boards. However if the school fails to fulfill any requirement then, it might lead to disaffiliation as well. Seeking affiliation for the school is indeed a burdensome process; hence it is advisable to take up a school franchise. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools, India’s leading chain of formal schools in India offers both CBSE and CISCE curriculum support. SHEMFORD offers the best franchise model and association with this group will surely be a lucrative business opportunity. So, fill this form and be a part of the pioneers in the education industry.


The growth and development of children depends upon the quality of elementary education they gain at the primary school. A primary school lays strong foundation for children by building basic skills and concepts. Moreover, the central focus of elementary school education is to educate children and prepare them for higher grades. Further, the education sector is one of those sectors which is free from the business cycles. So, investment in the education sector is a surely a wise decision. However, to start a primary school and reap the benefits in the long-run, you first need to go through a tedious procedure. Besides this, to ensure smooth and hassle-free operations in your school, you also need to seek affiliation from a recognised board of education. Seeking affiliation simply means that your school will have to abide by the guidelines and norms laid down by the board to which you seek affiliation to.

Generally, schools in India seek affiliation from CBSE, ICSE or State Boards of education. However, amongst these three boards, CBSE is the most popular and preferred board of education in India. Hence, to get your primary school listed amongst the most reputed schools in the country, it is advisable to seek affiliation from CBSE board.

Here are the steps to get CBSE affiliation for primary school:

The school must have a land area of at least 1 acre, with school building constructed on one part and playground on the other. Also, the land should be owned by the Society/Trust running the school.
The Society/Trust running the school should be registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and must be non-proprietary in nature.
All schools except schools run by the Education Department should necessarily have a School Managing Committee.
The classrooms must be built on a minimum area of 500 sq. ft. (i.e. 8mx6m).
The school should have a well-equipped library with sufficient study and reference material.
Apart from this, the school should have separate provisions for Computer, Math and Science labs.
The school must enroll students without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, colour or religion.
There must be proper admission procedure for teachers and the school must pay salaries according to the pay scales prescribed by the Government of India.
The fee should be charged according to the facilities provided by the school (as per the heads prescribed by the Department of Education).
Proper provisions must be made for safety, sanitation and safe drinking water.
Also, there must be a medical room to safeguard the health of students and staff.

So, to seek affiliation for a primary school, adhere to the norms and guidelines laid down by the CBSE Board. However, failure to fulfill any of these pre-requisites might lead to disaffiliation as well. So, make sure you abide by the affiliation laws. However, if you feel that starting a school on your own and seeking affiliation is a tedious and cumbersome process, then it is advisable to opt for a primary school franchise. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools, a well-known name in the education sector is affiliated to the CBSE board. With over 50+ branches spread across India and Abroad, SHEMFORD is India’s fastest growing chain of schools. So, fill the Franchise Application Form and get associated to this renowned brand.


Affiliation code of CBSE schools is a unique identification number which is assigned to the schools that are affiliated to CBSE. This affiliation code can be used to check the board results online. In case you also want to obtain the affiliation code for your school, you first need to get your school affiliated to the CBSE board of education. However, you need to follow a stepwise procedure and fulfill certain requirements, in order to gain affiliation from CBSE.

Below mentioned is the basic procedure to get affiliation code of CBSE Schools.

Before applying for affiliation, you need to read the instructions thoroughly. These instructions include all the basic requirements (Affiliation Bye-Laws) that a school needs to fulfill in order to get affiliated to CBSE.
Next, you need to gather all the essential documents that you will need to submit along with the application for the affiliation. Some of these documents are the NOC from the state government, ownership of land in the name of Society/Trust running the school, affidavit showing the non-proprietary character of the Society/Trust etc.
Further, go through the fee structure, as it will give you an idea about the amount that you will have to pay along with the application form. You need to deposit this affiliation fee in the form a drawn in favour of Secretary, central Board of Secondary education, Delhi.
After going through all the guidelines, you may proceed and fill the respective application form, giving all your details and then register yourself with the CBSE.
Next, you need to fill the school history form and submit it. Once your application is received by the board authority, they will conduct an inspection, wherein team of experts will be sent to your school to inspect your school. In case, your school fulfills all the conditions, it will be granted provisional affiliation.
After getting provisional affiliation, your school needs to adhere to the affiliation-bye laws. After completing a period of 10 years of provisional affiliation successfully, your school will be granted permanent affiliation. For that, the procedure is almost the same with slight changes.

Once the affiliation is granted to your school, the board authority will assign an affiliation code for your CBSE School. You can search the affiliation code of CBSE schools by using the keywords such as AffNo Number Wise, Region Wise, List of Schools Update Their Info, School Level Wise etc.