Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the oldest and the most popular examination boards of India. It supports various schools in imparting knowledge and maintaining uniform standards. Besides this, it is a self-financing body which is responsible for developing the curriculum for schools that are affiliated to it. Moreover, the board has established certain norms that need to be followed by these schools.

However, opening a CBSE school anywhere in India demands a lot of commitment and a large amount of investment. However, the unending demand for more schools has paved way for budding entrepreneurs to start their own venture.

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The following essentials need to be taken care of, while opening a CBSE school:

Finance/capital – Investment is the first pre-requisite for opening a school anywhere in India. This investment should accommodate all the necessary infrastructure & furniture, teaching & sports equipment, laboratory apparatuses, stationary etc. Typically, an investment of around 2 to 3 Crores is required. This can be arranged by approaching financial institutions or banks that provide loans for this purpose.

Registration – Registration of the school committee under a Trust/Society is the next important step. It is essential to get a proper guidance related to all the rules & regulations for the proper running of the school.

Site & land – The minimum land area for opening a CBSE school in a metropolitan city with a population exceeding 25 lakhs is approximately 1 acre which can further vary in accordance with the type of school and the location you choose. The land requirement is almost the same in hilly areas also. However, in all the other places, the land area should not be less than 2 acres. The land can either be leased (with a rental agreement of minimum 30 years) or can be your own property. Further, the site chosen should be such that it provides easy accessibility from all modes of transport.

Procurement of NOC – The NOC (No-Objection Certificate) needs to be obtained from the government of the state where you are planning to open a CBSE school because then only you will be able to start the construction of your school.

Construction – On one part of the land, a proper school building should be constructed depending upon the number of students to be accommodated in the school. Besides this, a playground big enough to accommodate all the necessary sports and extra-curricular facilities should be maintained on the remaining part of the land.

CBSE affiliation – For obtaining CBSE affiliation, a list of documents namely, the NOC obtained from the State Government, approval from the Municipal Corporation of the state and clearance from the Health department needs to be submitted to the board authority.

Recruitment – Recruiting a qualified and experienced staff is essential to create & maintain excellent education system in the school.

Promotion – Finally, marketing and advertising your school in the neighbouring areas is important for the successful establishment of your school. This will further help you to attract more number of admissions.

A number of schools in North India are affiliated to CBSE board of education because CBSE is one of the most trusted boards in India which aims at providing quality education to students. However, opening a CBSE school is not just about setting up the infrastructure but also involves attaining permissions at various levels. So, instead of opening a school on your own, opting for a SHEMFORD franchise is a better option. SHEMFORD Futuristic School is a CBSE school with 24 years of experience in the education sector. It offers beneficial school franchise opportunities in various states of India. So, click here to fill the simple franchise application form to become a franchisee of the most renowned brand in the education fraternity.


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CBSE board has transformed the level of education in our country. This board has evolved the education system in our country and has brought enormous growth in the number of educated people in our country. The Central Board of Secondary Education or the CBSE board, as it is popularly known as, is the oldest educational board in our country. It is the main board of education in India and has the maximum number of students passing out each year. The CBSE board was known as the Uttar Pradesh Board of High School and Intermediate Education in 1921, which was under the jurisdiction of Rajputana, Central India and Gwalior. However, in the year 1952, this was renamed as the Central Board of Secondary Education. It was reorganized in 1962 to fulfill the necessities of the students whose parents were government employees either in the State or Central Government. It proved really beneficial for the government employees who were constantly on the move. The CBSE board prepares students from Lower Kindergarten (LKG) till class 12th. It provides affiliation to schools all across the country and even world over.

The CBSE board is responsible for conducting two major board examinations in our country:

I. The All India Secondary School Examination for Class 10

II. The All India Senior School Certificate Examination for Class 12

The AISSCE exam conducted for class 12th is recognized and acknowledged for admission to undergraduate courses all over the world. Similarly, the other medical and engineering entrance exams which are conducted on an All India basis make the qualifying candidates eligible for admission to engineering and architecture/planning programmes in the country and across the boundaries as well. The CBSE board was set up to achieve certain objectives & it has proved really successful in fulfillment of these aims. The interlinked objectives of the CBSE board are:

  • To develop a system of examinations and conduct examinations at the end of class X and XII.
  • To grant passing certificates to successful candidates of the CBSE affiliated schools.
  • To prescribe and update the course of instructions for examination.
  • To grant affiliation to institutions for the purpose of examination in order to raise the educational standards of our country.

In order to fulfill their objectives successfully, the CBSE has set certain rules and regulations that need to be followed by all the schools and educational institutes affiliated by the board. It has developed innovative teaching methods and learning methodologies to make education more interesting and student friendly. CBSE has brought major reforms in the education system of our country by reconstructing the examination and evaluation practices. The rules and regulations devised by the CBSE board to be followed by their schools are as under:

  • A student who attempts to take admission in a CBSE school can get admission only if she/he has been studying in CBSE board recognized or affiliated school or has passed an equivalent qualifying examination making him/her eligible for the same.
  • A student who satisfies the age limit requirement, both minimum & maximum, as determined by the State or UT Government is eligible for admission to a CBSE school.
  • A student should produce the School Leaving Certificate/Transfer Certificate duly signed by the head of the last attended Institution at the time of admissions.
  • A student should always own the entire documents in support of him/her having passed all the equivalent qualifying examination.
  • The scheme of examination and the passing criterion for all the students for the All India Examinations is laid down by the committee of the board after frequent intervals of time.
  • The class IX examinations are conducted internally by the schools themselves. It’s from class X onwards that the students appear for the All India Examinations.
  • The external examinations are conducted at the end of class X and class XII.
  • The board prescribes its own syllabi for the All India Examinations held under the board.
  • The board formulates its own curriculum for the exams held throughout the year which specifies the number of papers, duration of examination and marks for each subject/paper etc.
  • The exams are conducted in theory as well as practical form, depending upon the nature of the subject(s).
  • The grades allotted in the examinations are given on the basis of child’s performance in individual subjects and the aggregate marks.

Hence, the schools affiliated or recognized by the CBSE board are much more superior to the other boards due to their excellent scheme of examinations and the innovative teaching methods used that provide an edge to the CBSE students over other schools’ students. There are thousands of CBSE schools all across the country. SHEMFORD schools are one of the most promising schools in today’s generation. Though these schools are comparatively new in the field of education in our country but within a short span of time they have achieved great heights. SHEMFORD schools provide international facilities and education to their children. The schools have high academic standards and a well-educated staff. They apply their own research based education system, ShemEduMax, which integrates a conducive learning environment. Their curriculum is formulated in such a manner that it encourages interactive classroom learning.

The years of experience of the management provides a rock solid foundation to the SHEMFORD schools. Owning a SHEMFORD school franchise would definitely be an intelligent option for anyone who is interested in starting a school of his own. The school system is developed by award winning & renowned educationists after years of research and development. They have a proven & well-formulated education model since 1991. Their franchise model provides excellent returns & satisfaction to their school franchises. Thus, opting for a SHEMFORD franchise would surely be the best option for anyone who seeks to give his own bit of contribution in the development of our country’s future. So, do not loose the opportunity & Start CBSE School India to give our young generation a better & brighter future.­­­­


In India, opening a school is a time consuming process but the unending demand of the schools has increased the interests of more and more people as they are stepping forward to start a venture.

CBSE is a self-financing body that takes into consideration the needs and requirements of the affiliated schools. CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) affiliation is the most popular school examination board. The function of this education board is to conduct school examinations and develop school curriculum for its affiliated schools in India. CBSE affiliations (provisional and permanent) to schools include various rules that need to be followed by them. Besides this, it plays the role of quality controller as well by providing quality education to the affiliated schools. It is the most trusted and popular affiliation board of India.

One can start with a primary school and later take CBSE affiliation for class 8th onwards. But, establishing a CBSE school from the very beginning guarantees quality education and full support of the CBSE Board.

School setting is not just about constructing physical infrastructure, building classrooms and setting up libraries and labs. It also involves procurement of the licenses and permissions from the concerned authorities at different stages of development of the school.

Various steps are involved in opening a school and getting affiliation like procurement of No Objection Certificate or recommendation by state education department. Therefore, if an individual wants to get CBSE Affiliation, then they have to seek permission from the state department. The state department clarifies the documents and undertakes necessary procedures and either accepts or refuses the application. If, the state department refuses the application, then no affiliation will be granted by CBSE Board. Hence, for conversion of a normal school to CBSE School, the state education department must be fully convinced to get the green signal for conversion.

Depending upon the needs and requirement, an individual can opt for any of the following types of affiliation:

Provisional Affiliation
Regular Affiliation
Permanent Affiliation
CBSE Schools are present all over India because of the increasing demands and need for quality education. Therefore, it has become significant for the schools to get the affiliation from CBSE Board to get listed in the top schools of the country. SHEMFORD is a CBSE School with an established brand name. It is a research based organization with 24 years of experience in the education fraternity. The five star support system provided by SHEMFORD ensures success to the school. This support system includes personalised support, marketing guidance, recruitment and training, academic support and systems control.

To start your own SHEMFORD School, you need to undertake following simple steps:
Fill in the details of the franchise form

Get the Site Approved by the SHEMFORD Management
Sign the Standard Franchise Agreement
Confirm about the Financial Arrangements with Funding Institutions (if required)
Start the School Designing Process and Incorporate the ShemEduMax™ Concepts in it
Start the School Construction as per the plan and layout
Procure furniture ,teaching equipment etc. from the Suppliers
Follow SHEMFORD guidelines for appointment and recruitment of the quality staff
Advertise well in consultation with the PR and Marketing Department to popularize the brand and the launch of the School
Now, just follow the SHEMFORD School System & the ShemEduMax™ Curriculum on a day-to-day basis to ensure a World-Class Schooling Experience for your Children.
Besides this, minimum requirement for a Nursery-Class 12th School (Day School) in Delhi, NCR is 4,000 sq. mts. While in metropolitan cities where population exceeds 25 Lakhs, the land should not be less than 1 acre with adequate building and proper arrangement of other facilities like physical and health education and games or activities in their grounds. In hilly areas, the land should not be less than one acre.

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Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum as it is known these days is the capital city of Kerala, the most literate Indian state. Thiruvananthapuram is a major academic hub that invites applications from students from almost all parts of the world. Moreover, the city offers various avenues for the aspiring investors to flourish in the recession-free education sector. So, if you wish to enter into this league and earn profits as well, then, follow the easy steps to start your school in any part of Thiruvananthapuram.

To establish any new venture, the prime concern is to decide the amount of investment. For starting your own school in Thiruvananthapuram, you would require a capital investment of at least Rs. 80-90 lakhs, depending upon the type of school and the location in which you want to set up your institution.

The next step you will need to undertake is, look for a piece of land suitable for opening a school. The minimum land requirement for a school in Thiruvananthapuram will range between 1-2 acres. However, the requirements may vary as per the location and amount of investment. The land could either be leased or it could be a property of your own.

Essentiality Certificate
For gaining the official possession of the land and to start the construction of your school, you will have to attain an Essentiality Certificate (EC) which is issued by the State Department of Education. Following which you will have to forward a copy of the EC to the city’s land owning authorities.

Building and Infrastructure
You can begin with constructing the school building, as soon as you get the consent from the land authorities. You may design a layout beforehand, which will define the dimensions of the infrastructural set-up and will help you during the construction process.

Once the school building is ready, start conducting interviews to fill up the vacancies for your school. Make sure that the faculty you choose is qualified and experienced in delivering the education to the students.

A good marketing strategy will attract more parents to your educational institution. So, the next step is to promote your school to establish its presence in Thiruvananthapuram. Cable T.V. advertisements, flyers and pamphlets etc. are a few cost-effective measures you may implement to advertise your school.

Lastly, seek affiliation from a Board of education. Schools in Thiruvananthapuram are affiliated to CBSE, ICSE or NIOS. So, register your school with any of these education boards.

You can open your school anywhere in Thiruvananthapuram by adhering to the aforesaid steps. However, starting a school is an expensive and a time consuming process. Hence, it is advisable to search for a school in Thiruvananthapuram that offers franchising opportunities. Taking a school franchise will offer numerous benefits. If you plan to own a franchise, then getting associated with SHEMFORD will be a wise decision. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is one of the leading Chain of Schools with over 50+ branches across India and Abroad. So, to prosper and flourish in the education sector, fill this franchise form and join hands with SHEMFORD.


Open school in Banglore

Bangalore city, the capital of Karnataka is a hub for education for students all over India and many other parts of the world as well. Bangalore has one of the best educational institutions in the country. Here, the standard of education is considered to be comparatively higher than many other states of India. Due to this reason, there is an unending demand for more standardized institutions. Therefore, starting your own school in Bangalore/Bengaluru including Mysore, Belgaum, Bijapur or any other part of Karnataka will turn out to be a profitable venture. So, if you want to start a school in Bangalore, follow the easy steps given below-

    • One of the most important steps to start a school is to develop a budget. The budget will be decisive of all the basic requirements such as location and land acquiring cost, infrastructural cost, promotional and hiring expenses etc. Typically, to start a school in Bangalore, you will have to invest Rs. 70-80 lakhs.
    • The next step is to select a location. You must ensure that the location you choose has easy transport accessibility and offers a calm and conducive atmosphere.
    • After determining the location, you will have to acquire the land to establish your school. Since Bangalore is a metropolitan city, hence the land required to set up your school will be at least 1 acre.
    • Now, you will have to obtain the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the State Department of Education. This is important to own the land and start the construction process. So, secure this essential document within the stipulated period of time.
    • Once you have obtained the NOC, you can commence the construction process. Your school should possess spacious classrooms, a huge well-equipped library, amongst other infrastructural requirements.
    • Further, you will have to appoint certified and experienced staff for your school. For this, you can hire a placement agency which will assist you with the recruitment procedure. You will have to hire competent teaching and support staff for your school.
    • To make a mark in the sector, you have to advertise your school vigorously and for a considerable period of time. Promote your school through attractive banners and hoardings, conducting presentations and seminars which will declare the pre-launch of the new school in the city.
    • At last, you will have to seek affiliation to get your school registered. This means that your school will have to follow the curriculum, books prescribed and pay salaries to the staff according to the guidelines and norms of the board to which your school will seek affiliation to. CBSE, ICSE, or State Board of Education grants affiliation to the schools in Bangalore. So, get your school registered.

The above information will guide you to set up a school anywhere in Bangalore. But if you want a hassle-free start then taking up a franchise of an established brand will be an intelligent decision. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is one name in the education sector that is synonymous to excellence. At SHEMFORD, you will be offered complete support and assistance to operate your school. So, fill up this Franchise Application Form and get associated to the pioneers in the recession-free education sector.


Open School in Raipur

Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh is well known for providing excellent educational facilities at higher level. Many educational institutes of national repute are situated in Raipur. In addition to this, Raipur is a home to some of the most reputed private schools of the state. Moreover, the state government is making productive efforts to encourage education among women and unprivileged sections. Seeing the rapid development in this sector, many people are showing interest to invest their time and money in the education sector. Moreover, starting your own school is a rewarding venture as it not only helps you to fetch profit but also respect from the society.

In case you want to start a school in Raipur, the following steps will guide you through the startup process.

First, you need to arrange finances for the establishment of your school. The budget should include expenses for physical infrastructure, facilities, equipment and marketing of the school. Generally, an investment ranging between Rs.2-3 Crores will be required for opening a new school in Raipur. You may arrange this huge investment by applying for loan from the banks/financial institutions or borrowing money from a private money lender.
Further, you need to establish a charitable trust/society with minimum 3 members as the Trustees who will eventually become the board of directors of your school. Get your Charitable Trust registered under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882.
After registering your trust, you need start looking for a land that best suits your requirements. The minimum land requirement for opening a school is generally around 2 acres which may vary in accordance with the board to which you will seek affiliation to.
Now, before starting with the construction of your school building, getting the NOC from the state government is the next step. It is mandatory as this NOC serves the purpose of the allotment of land by the land owing agency.
Next, you may begin with the construction. You may create an infrastructural plan specifying the area requirements and positioning of various rooms and playground. Besides this, make sure that your school receives optimum supply of water and electricity. Further, make your school fire proof by installing safety devices such as fire alarms and fire extinguishers.
You can start with whitewashing and finishing work after the completion of construction. Purchase all the essential stationary supplies, teaching equipment and apparatuses for different labs.
Along with the finishing work, you apply for school affiliation from a recognized board. It is highly advised to get CBSE affiliation as it provides brand value to your school by providing an exclusive curriculum for your school.
Next, you need to publicize your school. Impact branding and effective marketing strategies will help you to attract potential students and parents.
Last but not the least; you are supposed to hire teaching faculty and administrative staff for your school that will be responsible for running of your school. Recruit subject teachers, principal, vice-principal, support staff etc.
If you feel that starting a school in Raipur is a tedious task, you may resort to taking franchise from a trusted and renowned brand. SHEMFORD Futuristic School is one of the India’s fastest growing International chains of schools with almost half a decade of experience that provides cost effective franchise opportunity. So, fill the franchise application form and start a school in Raipur with ease.


Want to start a school in Meghalaya

Gone are the times when food, clothing and shelter were counted as the basic necessities for life. Nowadays, education has become an inevitable part of an individual’s life. The need of the hour is to attain standardized education that prepares an individual to sustain in this competitive world. Due to this reason, a lot of aspiring investors have shown an inclination towards investing their time and money in this lucrative sector. If you too wish to join the league and establish yourself in this recession-free sector, then adhere to the following steps to start a school in Meghalaya.

To begin with, determine the amount of capital investment. If you wish to start a school in Shillong, Tura, Baghmara or any other part of Meghalaya, you need to invest approximately Rs. 60-70 lakhs. However, the amount of investment may vary depending upon the location you choose.
The next step is to search for a suitable location and acquire land to start your school. Again, the area of land will differ depending upon the location and investment pattern. Make sure that the location you choose should be easily accessible and must offer a noise-free environment, apt for learning.
Once you have decided the location and ascertained the area of land required, the next step is to obtain the official possession of the land. For this, you need to obtain the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Department of Education (DoE), failing which you cannot commence the construction process.
As soon as you receive the NOC, forward it to the concerned land authorities of Meghalaya, following which you can start with construction process. Ensure that the infrastructure is designed in such a way that it stimulates learning. Also, ensure that your school possesses a computer lab, science labs, activity rooms, gymnasium etc. besides the basic infrastructural requirements such as classrooms, library and playground.
Now, you need to recruit certified and well-trained staff for your school. Make sure that you appoint potential and competent candidates which will prove to be an asset to your organization.
Next, promote your school vigorously for a considerable period of time, to make your brand known. For this, you may hire a marketing team which will help you to implement effective strategies to attract more admission to your school.
Seeking affiliation is the last and the most important step. So, you need to seek affiliation to CBSE, CISCE or State Board of Education. This implies that your school needs to follow the curriculum, books prescribed and adhere to the norms laid down by the board to which you seek affiliation to.
In order to start a school in Meghalaya, follow the steps mentioned above. However, if you are still in a state of dilemma whether to start a school on your own or to opt for a franchise, then taking up a franchise will be an intelligent decision. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is a leading name in the formal school education. With over 50+ branches, the chain of schools operates under the supervision of highly professional educationists. So, to avail the benefits as a SHEMFORD franchise, fill this Franchise Application Form and reap the benefits with minimal efforts.



Patna, the capital of Bihar, is known for being the educational center for of the state. Students from other cities of Bihar & neighboring states come to Patna to avail the benefits of the educational facilities provided here. Although, Patna is a home to many renowned institutions of higher education, but education at school level is still not at par with the quality offered at higher educational institutions. So, there is a great demand for better schools, both at secondary as well as senior secondary levels. Owing to this, opening a school in Patna is a safe and profitable venture.

In case you want to open a school in Patna, follow the step-by-step procedure mentioned below.

According to the guidelines issued by various educational authorities, the school must be run be a registered ‘not for profit’ society. So, first you need to form a society and get it registered under the Societies Registration Act.
Further you need to develop a business plan in accordance with the members of your society. This plan should include main features of your venture like investment, funding options, infrastructural plan, facilities, student-teacher ratio and the promotion of your school.
Next, you need to essentially obtain the NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the DoE (Directorate of education). It will help you to get the land approved for your school.
Further, you need to obtain a letter of sponsorship from the DoE on the basis of which the land will be allotted to you at subsidized rate by the land owing agency of Patna. The area of land will be specified by the Department of Education in the letter of sponsorship.
Once the land has been allotted, you may develop an infrastructural plan specifying the positioning and dimensions rooms, bathrooms, auditorium and playground. Simultaneously, you may apply for recognition with the Department of Education (DoE).
Next, get the school affiliated to CBSE board or the state board. It is essential as it will provide your school with the comprehensive curriculum. For getting affiliation, you are supposed to complete all the legal formalities on paper.
Once your school is affiliated, you may complete the finishing work of your school. Purchase furniture and other necessary supplies. Make sure that the labs are well-equipped with all the required apparatus & instruments, the library must have sufficient books and student magazines etc.
The next most important step is to launch your school. Implement basic promotional strategies such as pamphlets, hoardings, ads in newspapers etc. you can even ask your family & friends to spread a word of mouth.
Lastly, start with the recruitment process. Hire certified teachers for your school. Apart from the teaching staff, also recruit office boys, librarian, accounts executive and other support staff.
Though establishing a school in Patna is a fruitful venture. However, to open a school on your own is not an easy task. So, taking up a franchise of an already established brand is a wise decision. SHEMFORD – one of the India’s fastest growing chains of schools offers productive franchise opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs. So, fill the franchise application form given here and get associated with the most trusted and reputed brand name, SHEMFORD.


Open school in Tamilnadu

For children schools are home away from home. Besides parents, schools play a crucial role in nurturing the children. At schools, children are taught in such a manner that they not only excels academically but grows mentally and socially as well. Due to the increasing awareness of education, there is a need for educated individuals who wish to cater to the society by delivering standard education. In case you are planning to start a school in Tamil Nadu, one of the most literate states in the country, go through the steps given below.

The investment largely depends on the type of school. You can start a school in Tamil Nadu, with an investment of approximately Rs. 70-80 lakhs. To arrange such a hefty amount, you can secure bank loans or grants from financial institutions.
Further, search for a location in the state to establish your school. Thanjavur, Coimbatore, Chennai, Kanchipuram, Kanyakumari, Madurai, Ariyalur are some of the prominent regions, you can select from to set-up the school.
Acquiring the land will be the next step. Ideally, an area of about 1 acre will easily accommodate the school building on one part and a playground on the other.
Now, obtain the sanction from the State Department of Education in the form of No Objection Certificate (NOC). It is mandatory to obtain the certificate in order to start constructing the school building.
Further, you can commence with the construction. Make sure that the school building includes spacious classrooms, library, huge playground, proper gymnasium etc.
Now that your school is almost ready for operations, you can start interviewing the candidates for the respective posts. Ensure that you recruit both teaching and non-teaching support staff for smooth functioning in the school.
After the recruitment procedure is over, you will have to advertise your school. To make your brand known in Tamil Nadu, you can give advertisements in newspapers, T.V. and radio. you can even conduct an event to reflect the infrastructure and the faculty of your school.
Lastly, you will also have to seek affiliation for your school. The prime institutions that grant affiliation to schools at primary and secondary level are CBSE, CISCE and State Board of Education. So, make sure you seek affiliation timely.
Setting up a school is equivalent to setting up a new business venture. So, if you find it difficult to start a school in Tamil Nadu all by yourself, then you must opt for a franchise. If you are searching for a school in Tamil Nadu that offers franchising model then SHEMFORD is a prominent name in this field. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is a leading brand with over 50+ branches in India and Abroad as well. So, if you wish to reap the benefits as a SHEMFORD franchise fill this form and complete a few basic formalities. Click Here.

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The city of Chennai has a large number of educational institutions that are ranked among the top centers of education all over India. Besides this, Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, also accommodates numerous numbers of excellent schools which offer value education. These schools are either run by the government of Tamil Nadu or by private organizations. Also, serving social cause of imparting knowledge is undoubtedly a rewarding profession. Furthermore, due to recession-free attribute of the education sector many people are coming forward to start their own venture.

In case you also want to start a private school in Chennai, go through the following procedure.

Start with creating a business plan which gives you a rough idea of the capital that will be required for starting your own school. Generally, an investment ranging between 3 Crores to 4 Crores would suffice all the requirements.
Forming a panel of expert individuals (with entrepreneurial experience) and getting this panel registered as a society/trust under the Societies Registration Act/Indian Trust Act is the next step.
The next step involves finding a suitable land and location for the construction of your school. Make sure that the site you choose for your school must be situated in a pollution free and serene environment. Further, the land should be non-agricultural and available for commercial/institutional purposes.
Before beginning with construction, it is mandatory to obtain an NOC/EC from the state government to confirm the requirement of your school in a specified zone.
After the completion of construction, equip your school with all the facilities & services required for running a school successfully. Integrate advanced & interactive methods of teaching such as whiteboards and projectors. Also provide different options for co-curricular activities such as different clubs for dramatics, music, dance etc. and a wide variety of sports.
Further, obtaining recognition (from MCD/DoE) and other important licenses & permissions is also important. These include getting the health & hygiene certificate, certification of school library, the water testing report etc.
Getting your school affiliated to the Tamil Nadu state board is the next step. However, you can even gain affiliation from other boards such as CBSE, CISCE which offers a much better and standardized curriculum for your school. Once your school is affiliated, it is expected to abide by the rules & regulations laid down by the respective board.
Now that your school is ready for the launch, so, organize events that will help you to get your school name noticed in the neighbouring locality. You may also opt for traditional means of advertising such as display hoardings on road sides or distribute brochures/pamphlets.
At last, start appointing teachers, administrative staff, trainers for physical education, office boys and other support staff.
So, this is the basic procedure that you need to follow in order to start your school in Chennai. However, if you are inexperienced and want to start your school with ease, become a franchisee of the leading brand in the education sector – SHEMFORD. SHEMFORD has been providing successful franchise opportunities to aspiring edupreneurs since 1991. So, enjoy being a part of SHEMFORD by filling a franchise application form given here.

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