CBSE Affiliation, NOC is Must


CBSE schools have become the most trusted brands in India. Their popularity in India and outside India has been acknowledged on a number of occasions. With growing popularity, the board has invigorated its working system and developed it to par excellence. Schools all over India seek CBSE affiliation just to align themselves with this successful board and also for educational support.

CBSE affiliation is broadly put under the byelaws, which make up the constitution of CBSE board. According to the rules given in CBSE byelaws, any school that wishes to get affiliated with the board must be recommended by the state education department or has to produce the ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the respective state where school is or will be located, prior to the affiliation. Thus, For CBSE affiliation NOC (No Objection Certificate) is the prerequisite.

Thus, a school that wishes to have CBSE affiliation has to approach the state department and seek its permission to allow it to do so. In case the state department refuses their application, no affiliation would be awarded by CBSE. Therefore, the concentration of CBSE schools becomes indirectly a prerogative of the state government.

There are two things that have to be considered here. First that since the conversion of a school to CBSE School or its affiliation with CBSE and not the state board, might be a concern or raise an issue, therefore state education department must be fully convinced to show the green flag to the school.

What if the state department refuses the application? In fact such situation has occurred when the state government has not entertained the application of a school seeking CBSE affiliation. As a consequence, CBSE rejected the application of the expecting school and the case was help till confirmation was received from the state department. The state in this case, where the school was located was Uttar Pradesh.

Unless the byelaws are amended or the state department gives the NOC, there is no way of having CBSE affiliation.

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