The Central Board of School Education or CBSE does not allow the students to appear as private candidates in the senior secondary or class XII examinations, except when the candidate fulfils the given eligibility conditions.

There are basically two examinations, which are Delhi Senior School Certificate (Class XII) examination and All India Senior School Certificate Examination (Class XII). The eligibility criteria are same for the two except that in the latter case (All India Senior School Certificate Examination) relaxations are not permitted for women appearing from the state capital and handicapped.

Eligibility Criteria for Appearing as Private Candidates
Private candidates are the students who had failed and want to reappear in the examinations. These candidates are eligible and have to qualify the examinations in the said subjects in which they had failed earlier to obtain the certificate.

There are three categories affirmed by the board as per which the candidates may appear in the examinations – general candidates who had failed previously, teachers, women residing in Delhi and handicapped candidates.

Teachers who are employed in education institutions affiliated with CBSE can appear as private candidates in senior secondary examination provided they have passed the secondary school examination at least two years prior to their applying for the exam. This holds true for both the examinations, Delhi Senior School Certificate and All India Senior School Certificate Examination.

Women that are bonafide residents from Delhi have this relaxation that they can appear in the Delhi Senior School Certificate Examination, as private candidates provided they have qualified the secondary school examination and can produce genuine evidence for not being able to join the school as regular candidate. This relaxation is not provided for All India Senior School Certificate Examination.

CBSE also allows physically handicapped candidates to appear in Delhi Senior School Certificate Examinations as private candidates. Such candidates are required to produce evidence in support of their partaking the study course under proper guidance and their inability to join as regular candidates. These are the eligibility criteria for private candidates appearing in the senior secondary school examinations laid down by the CBSE board.

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