CBSE | Managing Education in India The Central Board of Secondary Education or the CBSE is the result of a series of continuing changes and evolution, over the years, which have shaped the board’s present format of functioning. The board got its name in the year 1952. The activities of the CBSE transcend national boundaries. A Decentralized Approach In order to be more effective in terms of better management, the centralized CBSE body has an increasingly decentralized presence across India. It has important offices in Delhi, Panchkula, Allahabad, Guwahati and Chennai. Affiliated schools outside India are handled by the head office at Delhi. CBSE is the central body to conduct the secondary and senior secondary school examinations in India. The Board prepares syllabus for the schools affiliated to it. It has earned a distinction for providing a common medium of education in a nation like India with many diverse cultures and languages. One of the most admired features of the CBSE has been its ability to introduce courses that are relevant and are in sync with the technological and educational advancement. CBSE’s Objectives The Board’s objectives are very varied and involve a number of issues that need to be addressed. The Board is involved in: Prescribing and updating the syllabi for schools affiliated to it. The emphasis is on preparing a syllabus that encourages book learning and creative thinking. However, the examination system of CBSE has been criticised for promoting textbook-based learning, without leaving much scope for learning through projects and real-life projects. Setting up the rules for holding the examinations. Conducting public examinations at the end of class X and XII under its (10+2) system of education. Issuing the respective mark-sheets and certificates to successful candidates. Assisting students in the transitional phase when they seek a change of school. Raising the educational standards across the non-urban and smaller towns and villages in India. Extending education through assistance from the open schools and NGOs, with an emphasis on girl education and primary education for the underprivileged. CBSE acts as a government agency that takes care of other important exams including: Pre Medical Test (PMT) Pre Dental Test (PDT) All India Engineering Entrance Test (AIEEE) All India Pharmacy Entrance Test (AIPEE) All India Architecture Entrance Test (AIAEE)

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