A citizen of India, let us say by default, understands what CBSE schools mean, though there is no authority that allots such a definition. CBSE schools are the schools that are not affiliated with any state board of education other than CBSE.

CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education is a very old institution and popular too. A good number of schools, especially in North India, are affiliated with CBSE. The school board is famous for developing and implementing key educational policies in India. It is due to these policies that schools affiliated with CBSE have been able to produce great scholars and alumni in the last so many decades.

Can Any School Be A CBSE School?
Yes, any school which meets certain requirements made mandatory by the board can be a CBSE school. The board allows schools to be affiliated with the board and avail the services and that includes schools in foreign countries as well. In order to ensure uniform standard, sees if the school facilities are proper for education, certain rules and regulations regarding school administration.

Why CBSE Affiliation and Not The State Board?
Over the years CBSE schools have got branded as the best education providers in the secondary and higher secondary levels. The annual results have often showed CBSE schools as performing better than the schools affiliated with other education boards. Though there is no contest that directly puts the board in competition with the others, yet its performance and productivity is ascertained by the alumni who make it to the professional colleges and universities.

CBSE is also responsible for conducting some of the important professional examinations after higher secondary level. The syllabi approved by the board for higher secondary helps students in the coming admission and entrance tests in important institutes.

CBSE Norms
CBSE has its own laws regarding the affiliation of schools and the guiding principles, called affiliation byelaws. These byelaws are strictly pursued by the board and schools have to conform to these laws in order to get affiliated with the board. Affiliations are both temporary and permanent; each is dealt separately by the board. It is the only central board of its kind in India.

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