A majority of the school authorities look upon cell phones as being unsettling and distracting. Most schools have implemented policies that prohibit their use on the school campus. This has been as a result of the deliberate misuse of cell phones by students.

All cell phones feature text messaging that is used by students to cheat during examinations. Again, students busy in text messaging or listening to music in the classroom are preoccupied with being entertained rather than concentrating on the lessons being taught. All the latest cell phones have a camera in them. Camera phones put forth the problem of invasion of privacy in the schools.

In terms of moral damage, many cell phones serve as an easy tool to remain connected to the internet. This application, which should have been used for researching syllabus or information-related topics, has been misused by school students as they are using it to view pornographic content or chatting idly with their friends.

Are Parents to Blame?
An honest opinion would suggest that students do not need cell phones during school hours. Most schools have a telephone for emergency use. Although, some parents are adamant about their kids being much safer with a cell phone’s immediate accessibility, the argument is rather vague and is a representation of the fancies of today’s parents. Cell phones are an item of convenience and they don’t belong in a school campus with students. Students have the freedom to use them when they reach home.

A Question of Morality?
Many people have suggested that instead of blatantly banning cell phones on the school campus, personal responsibility should be instilled among the children. If a student chooses to use his cell phone for his own entertainment or disrupts the class, he should be held accountable and duly fined or punished, as per the school regulations. However, this raises the question of children being trusted with that much discretion to make a judicious decision. Thus, this solution is more idealistic rather than being practical.

Searching for Solutions
Recently, some schools have argued about creating a sense of judicious and controlled use of a cell phone among students. Some schools have, thus, allowed their students to carry cell phones inside the classrooms but they are kept off for most of the time and are only allowed to access it during recess or free periods. In this way, the tendency of students to sneak in cell phones in the classroom or feeling victimised by totally banning their use is removed.

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