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The word “Christmas” means “Christ’s Mass”. Christmas Day or X-Mas Day is celebrated on the 25th of December across the world to mark the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of the Christianity religion. Baby Jesus and Mary mother of Jesus are the central figures of the Christmas story. Luke’s biography of Jesus records how Mary and her betrothed husband Joseph left their home in Nazareth to travel to Joseph’s ancestral home, Bethlehem. Finding no place to stay in the town, Mary gave birth to Jesus in the primitive lodgings of an animal stable, referred to as Jesus manger. Jesus and Mary were visited by shepherds and wise men who travelled long distances to witness Jesus born and greet Jesus mother. It is the most sacred and auspicious festival of the Christian community. Lord Jesus was the messiah of mankind and his message of love, peace and harmony is quite significant. Some of the most popular Christmas traditions are the Christmas tree (the pine tree), Santa Claus and Christmas gifts. The tradition of giving gifts has a great significance in the celebrations of Christmas, as it is believed that Lord Jesus himself used to give away presents. The occasion is all about giving and sharing gifts and presents with each other.

Christmas Celebrations

On the Christmas day, people make special preparations. Every individual indulges in making the preparations on this special occasion. The most important part of this festival is planting the Christmas tree in one corner of the house. Once it is planted, its branches are decorated with Christmas tree ornaments such as dolls, birds, flowers etc. At night, the Christmas tree is illuminated with electric bulbs. Following the decorations, all the family and friends gather to offer prayers to the God who sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to earth to remove all the sins and sufferings. They all sing along Christmas carols & jingle and make merry.

How to celebrate Christmas at home?

  • Dress up your children in new clothes and offer the prayers at the Church. Attend the midnight mass on the Christmas Eve.
  • To keep up the celebration mood in full swing, invite your friends and relatives at your place, to celebrate the festival of Christmas together.
  • Light up your home with bright and colourful Christmas lights.
  • Keep the little ones engaged in decorating the Christmas tree with ornaments, ribbons and lights.
  • Sing the Christmas carols such as “Jingle bell jingle bell”, “Joy to the world”, “Silent night” etc. along with your children.
  • Involve your children to prepare the Christmas cake with you.
  • Tell your children to keep their best socks/stockings under their pillows, to receive presents from the Santa Claus. Present your children with their favourite game or toy. Keep the present in their socks/stockings on the Christmas Eve.


Since the festival is round the corner, so, use the tips give above to celebrate Christmas day with your friends and family with pomp and show.

Merry Christmas!!

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