The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations or CISCE is a popular school and senior school examination board in India. In the entire country, other than the state boards, only two have the distinction of being the most reputed that is CBSE (Central Board of School Examination) and the CISCE. But unlike CBSE, CISCE is not affiliated to government and is a complete private enterprise.

CISCE is a prestigious institution that conducts two examinations – ICSE and ISC. The ICSE is conducted to provide the certification for K-10 and ICS provides the certification for K-12 (high school or higher secondary).
Essential Requirements for CISCE Affiliation

The requirements as well as procedure for acquiring the affiliation for both CBSE and CISCE are more or less same. For CISCE the essential requirements are:
No Objection Certificate from State Education Department: The school applying for the affiliation has to have the NOC from the state education department. This applies even for any new branch or unit opened anew.
School to be run by Society/Trust/Company: The school seeking affiliation should be run by either a society, trust or company as per section 25(1)(a) of the Indian Companies Act 1956.
Medium of Instruction: The medium of instruction for any school that seeks CISCE affiliation, has to be English.
Land Requirement: Land required is minimum 2 acres with relaxations for schools in cities with population above 25 lacs. In cities required land should not be less than 1 acre. However for K-12 schools allowing only two streams requirement is ¾ acre. For secondary school it is ½ acre.
Teaching Staff: The school must have qualified teaching staff and as per the norms and conditions laid down by the board.
Fees: The fee charged by the school has to be in consideration with the facilities provided.
Examinations: During the conduct of examination the school has to make available the furniture and the building to the council.
Records: The school that seeks affiliation also has to maintain attendance records and provide them incase the board needs them.
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