Franchise Benefits

7 Benifits to Start a SHEMFORD Franchise


  • Become a part of India’s fastest growing school chain.
  • Gain from the goodwill of the Leading Brand name in the Education Industry.
  • Receive support of an established Corporate with years of experience.
  • Boast of the solid foundation that more than 3,50,000 children have received from SHEMROCK.


  • Benefit from the rich Experience of Foreign Qualified Educationists.
  • Learn from our experience and avoid expensive start-up mistakes.
  • Benefit from the well-developed, well-researched, comprehensive curriculum, based on 25 years of research and experience-ShemEduMAXTM School System.
  • Stay updated with continuous monitoring & upgradation of the education system as per the changing needs.


  • Benefit from proven Franchise success model since 1989.
  • Enjoy access to a successful support network from across the length and breadth of the country.
  • Receive personalized support resulting in highest success rates in the Franchise Sector in India.
  • Gain from Increased awareness of Parents about the importance to provide best education to their children in the best schools.
  • Enjoy stable venture irrespective of fluctuating economic cycles.


  • Benefit from Regular admissions of children from more than 525+ SHEMROCK Preschools.
  • Gain from Preferential transfer of SHEMFORD children to other SHEMFORD branches across India.


  • Benefit from the Tailored and Dynamic Portal maintained for each school at
  • School and parent communication software ShemFAST is first of its kind.
  • Unique online marketing support.


  • Royalty – value for money.
  • License Fee includes all of the following projects:
    • Nursery – 12th Class.
    • Summer Camp & Activity Centre for age group 2 to 12 years.
    • Bonus Revenue Channels.
  • No Hidden Costs.
  • Assistance in raising finance.
  • Customized designs & marketing material.
  • Corporate buying power pooled advertising costs and assistance in negotiations resulting in cost reduction.
  • Comparably Higher admission enquiries and charging of fee due to a preference for a ‘National Brand’.


Training: We provide extensive training in the fine art of operating a SHEMROCK or SHEMFORD Franchise to assure a smooth start-up. You will go through an intensive and focused training that will equip you to smoothly and successfully operate a SHEMROCK or SHEMFORD branch.

Recruitment: Our HR Department helps you to recruit the right candidates to run your School. Right from sending E-mails to candidates, conducting telephonic interview to online video conferencing – we shall ensure that your branch is equipped with the best possible talent!

Operational Support: You can contact our support staff at any time to assist you in day-to-day matters related to operations. Additionally, our representative will visit your branch periodically to review the progress and provide any assistance you may need.

Curriculum Design and Support: We provide you with well developed, comprehensive and child-friendly school system & curriculum – ShemEduMAXTM, which is continuously researched and updated by the R&D team at the Corporate Office to give us a cutting edge. You will be provided with processed manuals for Morning Assemblies, Outings, Activities, Celebrations, Annual Day, Sports Day, Excursions, Competitions and other events.

Purchase Savings: To ensure that you get the best quality at the best price, we have short-listed suppliers for most of the items. You will be benefitted from the reduced price due to our network buying capabilities and ensuring that they support you with after sales services.

Advertising & Promotion Support: We work with you to execute highly professional, cost efficient and effective marketing efforts to step up the SHEMFORD & SHEMROCK’s dynamic image. You will have access to professionally prepared advertising, promotional and marketing material, including prospectuses, brochures, newspaper advertisements, mailers, public relation material, leaflets, banners, cable advertising, etc

Continuous Product Development: We continuously review and evaluate opportunities for new ideas. We also work on the enhancement of existing services & infrastructure to share with you. You keep aside your worries regarding designing & promoting the website, diary, holidays homework, circulars, activities, writing books etc. as all the planning is done at the Head Office.

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