Curriculum Reform Process Recently took-off in Gujarat

The team of experts from the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has begun the implementation process of reforming the syllabus of State School Board in Gujarat. The process came into being after the two-day long brain storming and orientation session that was organised in the August in Gujarat’s state capital Ahmedabad.curriculum-reform-process-recently-took-off-in-gujarat---curriculum reform

The Languages – English, Hindi and Gujarati & the Commerce Subjects’ – Accountancy, Economics, Statistics and Business Administration experts for grades IX & XII have already held meetings and suggested the requisite reforms in the curriculum. Moreover, they have even submitted their recommendations to the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board for further action. It is worth noticing that the revised curriculum shall not only be catering to the needs of the urban children but to the needs of the rural children as well.

curriculum-reform-process-recently-took-off-in-gujarat--education reform

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