A school board is often interpreted as the board of directors of a school. This is because the Board or the council of a school is its main administrative body and they establish the educational and administrative policies that are implemented in the school campus. In the case of a school with many franchises, certain basic guiding principles regarding the layout of the educational policies are determined by the parent school committee which are then passed over to all the franchised schools.

Sometimes, the name of a school board represents the school system under the Board\’s authority. The main concern of a school board is it functioning as a liaison between students, teachers, parents and the community with an effort to provide the best educational facilities possible.

Membership of the Board
The board of education or the school board consists of certain members who are elected at large. The members are usually elected for a fixed term at the school elections and some members can be appointed permanently. The board members are expected to serve until their successors are elected. The board members must take an oath of the office before assuming their duties.

Removal from Office
The school board can declare the office of a director or one of its employees vacant when:
• There is a death or resignation of an existing director or an employee.
• When the incumbent has served his fixed tenure of period.

Authority of the Board Members
• Board members have the authority only when they are acting as the board of education, legally in their zone of jurisdiction.
• The Board cannot be held bound by any statement or action of an individual board members or one of its employees, except when a statement is in direct pursuance of instructions by the Board itself.

Duties of Chairperson of the Board
• To preside over the meetings of the school board.
• To appoint or provide fair elections of all the Board committees.
• To call upon special meetings to be convened when required.
• To perform other duties as prescribed by law or by the requirements of the Board.
• To approve and sign the minutes of all the regular and urgent meetings of the Board.

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