Delhi University set to introduce 2 new MBA courses


All the aspiring MBA’s can breathe a sigh of relief as they have an alternate option to pursue the much anticipated Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the most preferred university of the country-the Delhi University (DU).

The students seeking admission to MBA will soon have the provision to pursue the course by enrolling themselves in the two new MBA courses which will soon be introduced under the Faculty of Commerce and Business in Delhi School of Economics (DSE).

For the very first time, DU will be offering MBA programmes. However, at present all the students who want to pursue an MBA course from the Delhi University can opt for the Faculty of Management Studies in the capital city of the country.

The two proposed courses- MBA (International Business) and MBA (Human Resource and Organizational Development) were scheduled and discussed in the University’s Academic Council Meeting on 21st June, 2014.

In order to make a provision for the aforesaid courses, the Delhi University is doing away with two of its currently running courses viz. Masters in International Business (MIB) and Masters in Human Resource and Organizational Development (MHROD).

Since MBA is a UGC (University Grants Commission) specified degree, it was suggested that DU may award an MBA degree, but mention the specialization in parenthesis. Thus, with a view to resolve the issue, in a subsequent meeting with the department of commerce, it was decided to restructure the two courses — MIB and MHROD to MBA (IB) and MBA (HR&OD), respectively.

Thus, a four-member committee that was formed for proposing the 2 new course structure, held nearly six meetings with a view to improve and create the new structure. Besides this, an arrangement for a special meeting with the alumni of the department was also made in order to seek valuable inputs for the curriculum.

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