Distant learning or distant education is that field of education which aims at delivering education to those students who are not able to be present in the formal classrooms. It enables a person to earn and learn simultaneously. Moreover, there is a tremendous increase in the number of students due to the ever increasing population and to educate such a large mass of students, there is an endless demand for more and more schools. However, formal schools serve only selected & a limited number of students. So, to meet the educational requirements of the remaining students, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of distant learning institutes in India.

However, buying franchise for distant education is not as lucrative as getting associated with a renowned brand of educational institution. So, look for options to get franchise of schools which provide lucrative franchise model to the franchisees.

Steps to get school franchise.

First, you need to search schools that offer franchise and then select the best amongst them.
Once you have selected the franchising school, you need to fill a franchise application form and submit it to the school management. Besides this, you also need to submit a franchise fee as prescribed by the franchising school.
Next, you need to look for an appropriate land and location for your school and get it approved by the school authority.
Once, your site is approved, you are supposed to sign a franchise agreement wherein you are expected to agree with all the terms & conditions laid down by the school management.
Further, confirm all the funding arrangements in case you are borrowing money from banks/financial institutions.
After securing the budget, you may start with the construction and the designing of your school. Make sure that your school building and designing should be at par with the standards set by the franchising school.
Next, purchase the furniture, teaching equipment, apparatuses, sports equipment etc. and also install supply for water & electricity supply and safety devices such as fire extinguishers in your school.
Further, you need to obtain all the other permissions and licenses such as health certificate, sanitation certificate etc. from the concerned authorities. It is essential to ensure a smooth running of your school.
Now that your school is ready, you need to follow the guidelines of the franchising school to appoint a qualified staff for your school.
Lastly, launch your school and promote it in neighbouring areas in consultation with the marketing department and the PR of the franchising school.

This is the basic procedure to get a school franchise. However, it is very important on your part to select a right franchise. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is one such brand which offers the best franchise model in terms of providing technical support at all levels, i.e., selecting location, construction, curriculum, recruitment, promotion and finally functioning of the school. so be a part of SHEMFORD family by filling a simple application form or visit franchise FAQ.

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