Dropout Rate is Increasing at Alarming Rate in West Bengal


The dropout rate of teenagers is increasing in West Bengal, which is worsening the condition of education in the state. According to State Government records, about 5,000 teaching posts are also lying vacant in rural and semi-urban areas of the state. This further aggravates the situation as enough teachers are not available in the schools to teach the students.

Records from State Government shows that from 120 million children aged between 6 to 14 years who are going to school in the state, 60 million out of them drop their school education before reaching 10th grade. This makes the dropout rate of 50%, which is very high and needs immediate attention from the State Government.

Another factor that aids in worsening of this situation is the pathetic condition of schools in rural and semi-urban areas. Schools do not have basic facilities and teachers are not regular in their duty.

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