With the inception of new medium that is Internet, for learning, a whole gamut of education activities has come into existence. The extension of education on the ever-expanding World Wide Web has revolutionized the digital learning field.

Online learning is gaining importance all over the world. With over half of the total population having experienced the competence of Internet, there is no doubt as to its large-scale popularity. Thousands of education institutes have developed their web resources in the form of websites, portals, blogs and discussion forums.

Compared to traditional media, the new digital formats have proved to be advantageous in a number of ways. For instance, online tests are conducted effectively, notifications and results are declared instantaneously, tutorials, brochures, study material, etc., are distributed to the students and even classroom lectures are delivered in virtual classroom environments.

One more development observed in this direction is the provision of online courses and certifications. Many short time courses are conducted on the Internet with proper assessment and evaluation. This has given a wonderful opportunity to the education imparting institutes who can afford to have a virtual presence, but not the physical one. Distance learning also has received quite a boost with the advent of new online learning tools.

As the compilation and organisation of the useful information and data on Internet continues to be developed, there are better prospects that can be contemplated for the near future. Students, for example, can view the sites from anywhere in the world for online admissions, online courses, curriculum and cost.

Online admissions have further simplified the overall process of admissions. Students are required to either fill in their details in the online admission forms and then submit them or download the forms and fill in the details with pen and then personally hand them over to the concerned authority.

Whether it is online admissions, a press release by the education institute, declaration of results or conduction of tests; Internet has helped a lot simplifying the processes and enhancing the services.

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