In one previous article we described the basic requirements to start a business. On the same lines and to forward the message we will talk about an easy business ventures in India, which is preschools.

Preschool is one of the safest business ventures to start with if you have small investments and securities in mind. In last 8 or more years, numerous crèches, baby care centers and playschools have been launched. All these business ventures have thrived in cities and suburbs.

The selling proposition in these businesses is the huge demand. As the families in cities are characterized as being nuclear with both parents working in most cases, the proper care and education for the child have been transferred to preschools, baby care centers and crèches.

The demand alone does not make preschools the best stake in the mammoth sized business world. There is one dominant trend that has favoured the schools more than any other endeavour – school franchising.

With an investment of 5 lacs or more, one can start a preschool in India. Many popular school chains offer franchise units to establish a branch. The deciding factor is not the low capital required, but the space. Even that has been taken care of by acquiring a leased property.

To further assist the entrepreneur, banks and financial institutions provide loans to help in starting the business. In cities personal loans of amount 3 to 5 lacs are provided without any mortgage and in just a week or so.

The business model, training and other assistance are provided by the school franchisors. The returns on investments are immediately recovered as soon as the school is established. Since no lengthy bureaucratic procedures are involved, the establishment of preschools becomes the easiest and the most reliable business ventures available.

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