Education Board

The concept of education board marks a great importance in the education system that is in practice in this country. Education boards, which initially performed such functions as conducting the exams, have diversified and today take care of a number of education related activities. Importance of Education Boards In secondary and higher secondary school education, the examination board occupies a central place. It integrates and unifies the education to put all students under one banner, the board. Its primary function is to provide the syllabus and conduct examinations as per the syllabus. The education board is also responsible to provide valid certification of the formal education of the students. Without affiliating with the boards, the schools cannot afford to hold examinations as it will not be valid anywhere in the country. Education boards are also responsible for promoting best teaching and learning methods, developing new tools of learning, improving the popularly approved pedagogies, etc. Education boards also take care of different issues or hurdles in the path of educating the masses. Popular Examination and Education Boards in India Many examinations boards provide services in India. For most of the states, a state board conducts the secondary and senior secondary school examinations. There is also one central board called Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE. CBSE is an acclaimed institution and popular within the country as well in the adjacent countries. Less familiar than CBSE, but also one of the popular education boards is the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination or CISCE. CISCE is also known to follow International standards and therefore its certification is valid in many countries of the world. Promoting Literacy Education boards have one great role to play in a particular state or society and that is promotion of literacy. In India, the problem of illiteracy has continued for generations and the education standards are still not up to the mark. Education boards can mobilize people in large numbers and spread awareness about education and benefits of being literate. The boards in India do provide certain flexibilities to the people living in villages.

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