Information technology made a giant leap in the education industry with the introduction of inexpensive education software. The demand of education software in general and courseware in particular has witnessed an exponential growth. As cheap and reliable tools of education get mass-produced, the consumers are more than happy about this change. Education software, if one were to research the books and old records, has had quite an impressive history. Education software, in its earliest forms, is believed to have originated about 60 years ago. Incredible. But that is what common person cannot think of, or cannot afford. The earlier software packages were specially developed for professional organisations imparting training or state research and development departments. Today, a large number of inexpensive computer software and learning aids are produced and sold in the markets. Education software popularly available in the market comprise of dictionaries, language guides, encyclopedias, digital knowledge banks, computer games, tutorials, etc. The courseware, which refers to a complete package of a course available on compact discs or digital video discs, is becoming increasingly popular. Some popular education providers have developed their own software, to provide the students additional means of learning. Computer games have been specially designed in such a fashion that the children playing them would learn some basic skills. These games engage students and initiate planning, organizing, and using mental faculties and creativity while playing the game. For small children and kids, early education has been digitized and is easily available in CD formats. These CDs are provided in different volumes and offer systematic teaching modules. Parents can teach their children at home with these aids, when the kids are too young to go to school. Education software for distance learning has also won great credits. The software is distributed among the students who cannot be reached by the tutors or instructors. The software can be viewed independently by the student or in small groups. The instructions provided in the software give them a vivid learning experience. Many educational software and applications are being provided on the Internet. These software help to keep the students in touch with the service provider and updated with the latest happenings.

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