US Educators travel to India in Search of Gandhian Principle


Educators and Teachers from U.S. travelled across India in search of the teachings of Gandhi. All of it was made possible with the support of Oakton Community College and the famous U.S. education funding agency, Fulbright-Hays Group Studies. The five week seminar “In Search of Gandhi’s India” led 14 professors and teachers from U.S., to reach and journey through India.

As published by a news website of Sun-Times News group, “Traveling across India, we (the group that reached India) discovered a highly complex portrait of Mahatma Gandhi. While celebrated and marginalized at the same time by India’s political establishment and government institutions, we found Gandhi’s vision and ideas alive and vibrant in India’s many movements to protect the environment, in efforts to nurture India’s unique and diverse cultures and languages, and in numerous programs to address the problems of the rural poor.”

In many schools and education institutes, teachings of great leaders are incorporated in the curriculum, so that students can have an insight about them and their contributions. In contemporary education, such teachings are considered as vital as they strengthen the leadership fabric in the students and scholars.

The team that reached here received cooperation and support from various institutions and educationists based in India. The team also interacted with literary experts, social activists and IT professionals.

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