Franchising is the act of expanding business by providing the right to use the name of an already established brand and work on its business model. Over a past few years, franchising in education sector has evolved as one of the most successful methods of expanding school service. The various sectors in the educational field that provide franchise opportunities are Montessori schools, playschools, day care centers, primary schools, formal schools, coaching centers etc. However, grabbing a formal school franchise opportunity has its own benefits. Formal schools aim at providing compulsory education to students; hence, is considered as one of the recession free sectors, investment in which turns out to be profitable.

If you are considering formal school franchise opportunities in Delhi, SHEMFORD is the leading name which stands out from the rest.

Getting associated with SHEMFORD will be rewarding in the following ways:

SHEMFORD is one of India’s fastest growing International Chain of Formal Schools which is owned and supported by world’s renowned educationists.
The presence of more than 175 SHEMROCK (Feeder School) branches ensures regular admissions of children to the SHEMFORD branches.
In addition to these benefits, the following 7-star support system ensures your success:

  • Training – SHEMFORD provides intensive and focused training to the franchisees on how to successfully operate a SHEMFORD branch.
  • Recruitment – The HR Department at the Corporate Office helps you to equip your school with the best talent possible by e-mailing candidates and conducting interviews.
  • Operational support – The support staff assists you with the day-to-day operating matters.
  • Curriculum design and support – The school provides a well-developed & comprehensive curriculum which offers stress-free learning to the students. In addition to this, it provides all the necessary manuals for activities, celebrations, excursions, competitions and other events.
  • Purchase savings – SHEMFORD franchise provides you with a list of all the short-listed suppliers for the purchase of all the necessary equipment and facilities to run your school.
  • Advertising & promotion support – The school helps you to implement cost-efficient marketing strategies. Besides this, it also provides access to its professionally prepared marketing materials that include brochures, pamphlets, banners etc.
  • Continuous product development – The SHEMFORD franchise relieves you from the work of designing school’s website, holidays homework, activities, circular etc. as all of this is done at the SHEMFORD’s Corporate Office.

So, to avail these benefits join hands with SHEMFORD futuristic schools by filling a franchise application form given here or visit franchise FAQ.

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