Franchise – Business Opportunities in Education Sector


Business opportunities in every sector are blooming with the concept of franchising options. In the process of Franchising, the Franchisor provides the prospect to franchisee to use the well-established name and fame of franchisor’s business model. It creates a Win-Win situation for both the parties involved as the Franchisor gains visibility by establishing a chain and the Franchisee gets to explore the business opportunity through a prosperous brand name. In the Education industry itself, the Franchising option has been accomplished profoundly.

Working with an established brand makes it easy for the franchisees to get a kick start and accomplish their goals effectively. There are many benefits of joining and starting up with a Franchise option as it can be a rewarding career field for experimenters. In education sector, one has great options to tryout with as one can start a:


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  • Play School
  • Pre School
  • Formal 10+2 School
  • Day-care Centre
  • Learning Centre
  • Training Institute
  • Educational Institute

Nowadays, it has cuffed in more competition for such businesses to grow. It has become the most popular method for expanding the education brands. Therefore, one can estimate the advantages of being a part of this Franchise World. It is a venture in which one can always find avenues for:

  • Sustainable and Profitable undertaking
  • The detailed understanding of fool-proof systems and procedures
  • Easy and quick approach to business mantra
  • Low initial costs involved and inexpensive operation
  • Proper guidance and training with full support in operations
  • Infrastructure adds to the quality of services offered
  • Technical and Systems support

Due to such benefits offered and even many more advantageous situations created by Franchising option, it has created an area-wide market filled with loads of alternatives. There are several schools and training institutes which are offering education franchise opportunities options to promote and enhance their chain of schools. Franchising gives an opportunity to the franchisees to give their best inputs and join hands together working towards a common goal with mutual interests. It takes very less time to channel the activities of a franchise and make it a functional business unit. It takes only a few steps which are guided by time and efforts to get started. All you need is contacting the right franchisor, take down the procedures to start a franchise (Land availability, Costs involved and certificates required).

The main question that arises is how to find the right franchisor for developing this opportunity. It is very important that you choose a brand which is successful and known, so as to gain maximum from this venture. Though this can increase the formalities on your head but, it can relieve you from building that “rapport” as it will be pre-established. You would just have to maintain that trademark and add your extra touch to it!

SHEMFORD Group of Schools also provides such opportunity to its franchisees to join their group and make it an upcoming experience for them. SHEMFORD Group of Schools has covered various parts of India and Abroad & involved so many franchisees. SHEMFORD believes in attainment of goals with others and through others.

SHEMFORD Group of Schools believes that taking up a school franchise is also common these days due to the following reasons:

•  Awareness of quality schools education is increasing day-by-day.

•  Societal support is gained as it is a respectful business activity.

•  Easy and flexible work timings make you work at ease.

•  The business functions on cash transactions and not on credit.

•   A positive working environment with ingenuity.

•   You need not acquire land in the prime location.

•   Holidays as per your children’s holidays. This reduces absenteeism from work.

So, it has been growing and will even flourish in the near future because good schools and quality education is the need of hour!


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