Franchising, as most of us know, is a method of expanding the business by selling the ownership rights of a business unit or multiple units to any external agency or individual. Two common types of franchises are the business format franchise and product line franchise.

A handful of school brands have become very popular in India. These schools offer excellent academic environment and their alumni occupy the prime positions in their respective professional fields and in the society. As their popularity spreads, it becomes easy for them to expand their reach by opening new school branches. There are two ways to do the same – open new branches themselves or franchise the school service. This is one of the most visible forms of franchise in school education.

So far, popular schools have been successful in opening a few branches of their own, mostly in the same region or state. Yet a few school brands have successfully opened scores of branches and all over India with the help of franchise model.

Franchise in school education in India
School franchise model is much like a typical business format franchise. The franchisor is the owner and administrator of a renowned school. The franchisor has in hands an established branch, popularity, knows how of how to run a school, and offers the same to anyone who is interested in opening a school.

Different franchisors ask for different requirements and therefore terms and conditions vary. However in every franchise contract you will find –an upfront fee or franchisee fee; royalty to be paid monthly, quarterly or annually; a list of requirements as land and building, infrastructure development fee, training fee (not mandatory), etc.

Where to find School Franchise details?
Normally, franchisors, especially those providing product-line franchise, organize events and exhibitions to invite the investors and entrepreneurs to be their franchisee. In school education, it does not happen this way. Instead the schools advertise and market in the regional media about partnering with other groups or individuals. Information can be found in some trade magazines or on the respective websites of any franchise brand. Thus franchise in school education is easily available in India.

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