With the tremendous increase in the country’s population, there has been an exponential growth in the Indian education sector. Moreover, with the increasing competition in today’s world, parents wish to send their children to institutions that provide value education and offers world class facilities to their children. So, the need for good schools has increased tremendously leading to huge opportunities for business professionals who want to enter the education sector. Owing to this rapid growth, one of the latest trends that is observed in the Indian education sector is the franchising, wherein a franchisee is allowed to use the brand name of an established educational institution.

The various segments of the education sector that provide franchise opportunities in India are preschools, kindergartens, Montessori schools, elementary schools, formal schools, learning centers etc. However, you can opt for formal schools.

Buying a franchise school in India is beneficial in the following ways:

The franchisor provides assistance in site selection and helps in getting the land approved from the concerned authorities.
The franchisor supports the franchisee throughout the troublesome process of establishing your school and running it successfully.
Further, the franchisor guides the franchisee to prepare a comprehensive business plan which further helps the franchisee to obtain the loan from the bank easily.
The franchisor supplies the franchisee with all the necessary marketing materials to promote the school in a locality. This is beneficial as it saves a lot of your money.
The franchisor provides complete support to the franchisee to recruit potential candidates for various positions such as teachers, librarian, accounts executive etc.
The franchisor guarantees complete support to the franchisee even after the establishment of the school.

The above-mentioned benefits makes franchising one of the most promising & beneficial ways to start and own a successful school. In case you are looking for a school franchise opportunity, then opt for SHEMFORD Futuristic School – India’s fastest growing Chain of International Schools. The chain of school has spread its branches all over India and has become one of the most preferred brands in the formal education sector. So, seize the exclusive franchise opportunity and get associated with the trusted & renowned brand – SHEMFORD. To start with, fill the franchise application form given here or visit franchise FAQ.

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