Since we have been having a very long time exposure with franchisees, we can tell you about franchisee of school and also the franchising system in the Indian context.

Some two decades ago, most of the schools had just one or two branches owned by a particular trust or society. School chain was not popular in the country and the established schools were also not interested in expanding their units or branches.

School franchising caught the real pace in India in the last decade of the century that passed. Some of the famous school brands offered and encouraged other people to invest their time and money and establish a branch of their own under the aegis of the popular brand.

School Franchisee
School franchisee is the owner of one or more than one school branches that has been franchised. The franchisee is bound by a franchisee agreement to operate the school as per the norms and conditions mentioned and is (the owner) entitled to the proprietary rights.

People tend to get confused, as they are unable to figure out whether the profits, if there are any, are made by this unit owner or franchisee. As per government directives, school is registered under a trust or society and is said to have a non-profit motive. However, if the motive is to further the development of the education or school, there are no impositions. The owners or the board of directors do obtain profits and there are a number of ways and practices to do it.

What does it need to become Franchisee of School?
Franchisee of school does not need any eligibility at all. Anyone committed to run a school and willing to invest money can become a school franchisee. It is true that academicians can run a school in a better way, but given the orientation programmes and training by franchisor any person can be a successful administrator.

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