There is a great equation that exists between business franchising and public relation. The two of them complement each other and bring in the success to the franchising model. Franchising, like any other business service, shares the same space that is public space and therefore any effect on the public affects the franchising business.

Success of Franchisor
We have seen many brand owners and ambassadors saying a lot about their business models and their own predisposition to make their ideas work. Very few people would talk about the public favour and loyalty. For example, a new brand won’t start with a franchise model outright. The reason being non-presence of the owner or his brand in the consideration of public.

You must have seen the marketing and promotion services as part of the franchise kit offered by most of the franchisors. That is indeed what is valuable in a franchise deal. The buyer or franchisee that buys the unit also buys the popularity and the model of obtaining that popularity.

Business Promotions
Image building or the presence in the market is not a consequence of advertising alone. Yet, advertising plays a major role. What is more important is an effective public relations unit. Cordial relations with the public can do more than advertising does on a large scale.

As in most cases, it happens that the first franchisees are the people who know the franchisor personally. There rapport with the people working close to the franchisor is must.

Franchisees Belongingness
To retain the best of the franchisees depends a great deal on the treatment received by them from the franchisor. Franchisor may chose to stay distant and let the franchisee do the best for him, or the franchisor may get involved and keep himself in the loop.

Thus, public relations and franchisor’s interventions can ensure better results in the long run.

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