Franchising is a business concept wherein the franchisee uses renowned organisation’s successful business model. It is a planned agreement between groups of people wherein the franchisee is provided with business support and the brand name of the franchisor. Here, the franchisor is a provider or a supplier who supplies or allows the franchisee to use its trademark and business strategies and in return, the franchisee pays a fee.

Nowadays, franchising opportunities in education sector of India are growing at a fast pace. Through franchising, educational institutes like preschool, primary schools, secondary schools, coaching institutes etc. are expanding their presence in every corner of India. People who are looking to enter into the education sector of India are now adopting the proven strategy of franchising. Moreover, people are well aware of the fact that quality education secures a good future for their children. So, they search for a well-known and respected brand name for the education of their children. Therefore, investing in the recession free education sector is a wise decision.

Owing to this recession, business opportunists are investing hugely in this sector due to the following advantages associated with franchising opportunities in education sector of India. The benefits associated with the franchising opportunities in education sector of India are given below:

Through franchising, franchisee is connected with a well-established brand, reputation, product or service. On the other hand, the franchisor gains rapid expansion of business and earnings.
The franchisee is assisted with the selection of site, designing of the building and development of infrastructure.
The franchisee is supported with overall administrative management of the institute, by the franchisor. Recruitment and training of staff is handled by the franchisor to run the institute successfully.
Marketing and promotion of an education franchise is also managed by the franchisor. Franchisor provides the franchisee with pamphlets, banners, hoardings and flyers for the purpose, which helps the franchise to get easy and fast recognition in the market.
The franchisee does not find a barrier in financial assistance in the whole process because association with well-known and established brand ensures financial support from financial institutes.
The franchisee is aided with the adequate knowledge, expertise of the franchisor in the venture, which helps the franchise to run the institution smoothly and also minimise the efforts to attract the prospective consumers (parents).

All these assistances by franchisor make the business, an easy task for the franchisee and franchising as the preferred option to seek growth in the education sector. Minimum risk and higher rate of success has attracted more and more competitors in the education sector. There are many educational institutes that provide franchise opportunities across India and SHEMROCK and SHEMFORD Group of Schools is one of the leading names in this business. In the field of preschools and 10+2 schools, SHEMROCK and SHEMFORD Group is expanding with speed. The school chain has spread its branches all over India and now in Nepal. With a chain of 300+ schools, the Group has established a huge network and reputation beyond expectation. If you want to open a school and wish to avail franchise facilities from SHEMROCK and SHEMFORD Group of schools, you can click on the tab to fill the franchise application form.

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