Friendship Day Greetings and Wishes 2014


FRIENDSHIP is not how U FORGET but, how U FORGIVE,

Not how U LISTEN but, how U UNDERSTAND,

Not what U SEE but, how U FEEL,

And not how U LET GO but, how U HOLD ON..!!

Happy Friendship Day ….!!!


Friends may MEET, friends may SCATTER,


Stay in touch so that our FRIENDSHIP grows to be BETTER.

Happy Friendship Day ….

 friendship-day-greetings-and-wishes-2014--friendship day

A friend is a push when you have stopped,

A chat when u r lonely,

A guide when u r searching,

A smile when u r sad,

And a song when u r glad.

Happy Friendship Day….!!


A good friend is like a computer.

I ‘enter’ in your life, ‘

‘save’ you in my heart,

‘format’ your problems,

‘shift’ you to opportunities &

never ‘delete’ you from my memory!

Happy Friendship Day.!!


If u are a chocolate u are the sweetest,

If u are a Teddy Bear u are the most huggable,

If u are a Star u are the Brightest, 

And since u are my “FRIEND” u are the “BEST”!!

Happy Friendship Day by dear friend..!!

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