Google’s Cyber Crime Awareness Programme Reaches Kolkata Schools


Sometime back, as part of their obligation to the public, Google India started an awareness programme directed to increase the awareness of young people about cyber crime and best use of Internet. The initiative ‘BeNetSmart’ was started earlier and as a part of this initiative the recent programme was held in the nine schools in Kolkata.

In the awareness programme, students are told about best web practices and also about crimes related to the misuse of Internet and websites. There is no strict protocol or law in practice so far that can properly deal with many issues pertaining to cyber crime in India. Though measures against cyber crime have been taken into cognizance, yet the enforcement agencies cannot stop the large-scale misuse or abuse of the Internet.

Students also happen to be the right choice for the initiative, as proper education will help in a great way to tackle the problems arising from the misuse of technologies. 

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