Much of the criticism faced by the government schools and institutions is directed towards the faculty members and administrators. Teachers have been accused of missing the classes, of maintaining non-serious attitude in the classes and exhibiting the lack of commitment that would excel the performance of the students. It is these lacunae that make classroom ambience dull and children unreceptive.

While talking to some teachers it was realized that teachers are not to be entirely blamed for substandard education received in government schools. Government teachers are in fact highly qualified and there is little doubt about their competency. It is only the system that makes them lethargic or takes away the zeal from them.

One of the obvious problems that government teachers in India are facing right now is additional duties and responsibilities that are given to them.

Teachers are involved and engaged in many activities and programmes like election duties, healthcare programmes or vaccination drives, surveys, etc. These duties spoil the academic schedule set by the teachers and school administrators.

The second problem faced by government teachers is the abated trust and opinion shared by the masses. Government teachers nowadays are not much appreciated, except for the status, which becomes immobile after some time. They are often disinterested and lack the vigour to try out something new.

The parents also have not been forthcoming in helping the government teachers in India. Parents whose children are admitted in the government schools seldom visit the school and almost never communicate with the teachers. Therefore teachers are not encouraged and appreciated even if they share the concerns.

Government teachers in India have been typecast as government employees who are most indifferent towards their job. They are irregular, don’t take any initiatives and follow the traditional practices blindly without ever assessing the impact.

A lot can be changed if government teachers take a proactive role and are supported by the masses. For something like it to happen, there is always a new beginning to be made.

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