Guidelines to Open a College

Although, India is a developing country but it has become the hub of education institutes. An increasing interest of students in pursuing higher education and to achieve professional as well as technical qualifications has led to an enormous increase in the number of colleges in the country.

Education industry has always proven to be a profitable enterprise and considered as ever growing market. It is one of the best booming sector and marking your presence in this field is one of the most fruitful venture. So, opening a college is a big step and a time consuming process that requires a lot research and thorough knowledge of the process. Follow the guidelines of opening a college in your area -

Form a committee - The first and the most basic step that you need to undertake before opening a college is formation of a committee. The committee members should be expert individuals with ample years of knowledge and experience. You may include people related to educational background, professors etc. Ask for and get a commitment of time and financial support from each member.

Register your committee - Next step is to register your committee as a society under Societies Recognition Act, 1860. For this, you can hire a lawyer who can help you deal with all the legal formalities.

Obtain a No Objection Certificate - Make sure that you obtain “No Objection Certificate” from the Directorate of Higher Education (DoHE).  This NOC is provided on the basis of requirement of a college in the particular zone. The college authorities need to renew this NOC every year after paying an amount of Rs 10,000 and filling the application form is necessary at the time of every inspection by DoHE.

Search for the Land for College - After obtaining NOC from DoHE, a request will be forwarded to Delhi Development Authority (DDA) regarding purchase of land from land owing agencies at the fixed rate of Rs 1.25 crores per acre of land.

Get Affiliation of The College - Once the college is established and building is ready, it has to be affiliated to a recognized university. An application form is to be filled with all the norms and rules decided by concerned university and a fixed amount have to be paid to the university.

Get Approval of College Courses - All the colleges offering professional courses are required to get the approval by the concerned council like Bar Council for law college, the Medical Council of India for medical college etc.

Follow UGC Norms and Guidelines – It is important to follow the guidelines stated by UGC. University Grants Commission (UGC) decides the pay scale of the staff members. It also creates a model syllabus to be followed by the colleges. Besides this, some special grants are given to the college.

So, follow these guidelines and get a brief outline of procedure to open a college. Take help of the expert educational, start your own research, explore the benefits of opening a college, facilities and courses in demand etc. Initially, start with making a rough plan and start working on the initial steps like forming a committee etc. Later, with the ideas and support of your committee members, you can make a proper plan and start following it.

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