Being one of the most literate states in India, Tamil Nadu is the right place to invest your money in educational enterprise. The literacy rate in Tamil Nadu is 80.33%, which is enough to describe the demand of quality education in this state. If you invest your time and labour in starting a CBSE school in Salem, Erode, Trichy, Madurai, Chennai or any other city in the state, it is going to get you only benefits.

Therefore, it is recommended to prepare your check list while opening a CBSE school in Tamil Nadu. Given below are important guidelines to make your job easy.

Guidelines to open a CBSE School in Tamil Nadu:

The first thing is to make a plan, according to which you will execute your school in future. It may act as a blue print for you.
Frame a society or trust to run your school. Register your trust or society under registration act. This is a mandatory step to prove non- profit motive of your society.
Now, you have framed a society; start finding the suitable location and land to establish your school. The required land for formation of school is atleast 2 acres. Consider the neighbourhood schools, transport facility available and additional space available, in case you need for expansion of your school. Purchase the land and register it in the name of your trust or society.
Start the construction of your school as early as possible. Remember planning the positioning the spacious classrooms, assembly ground, library, computer room, staff room, games room, playground, Principal’s room, toilets etc.
After the completion of building, hire an interior designer to give your school and classrooms proper colour and to make it a fun-filled environment for students. For small children, you may choose light shades and cartoon characters on walls. On the other hand, you may opt for geometrical patterns and soothing shades for senior students.
The most important thing is to get your school recognized from authorities.
Once your school gets recognized, visit the regional office of CBSE in Chennai for filling the application form for affiliation. Take provisional affiliation first and meanwhile fulfill the CBSE byelaws or standards to get permanent affiliation.
Once you get CBSE affiliation, start making advertising strategies for promoting your school. Introduce your upcoming CBSE school in social functions, distribute brochures, place banners in your neighbourhood.
Start recruiting the qualified staff early. The staff selected should match the standards of CBSE School and the prescribed qualification needed for each post.
Once the staff is recruited, open your school office for taking admissions. Maintain an official website and an e-mail also to get inquiries regarding admissions.

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