An educated person aspires to promote the well being of himself as well as others living in the society. Health awareness and healthy development is one of the indicators of growth and progress. Therefore it is essential that the schools promote such values and inculcate positive attitude and practices of the students towards it. This is achieved by health programmes conducted in Indian schools.

The school authorities organize a variety of health education programmes from time to time. These programmes are meant to present the general awareness among the students and highlight the concerns. Various objectives of health programmes in Indian schools include:

To become aware of various health related issues.

To develop an understanding of the importance of well-being and develop healthy habits in the students.

To train the students about proper medication and cure during sickness.

To help the students make right decisions regarding the eating habits and the right food.

Sometimes health programmes are intended to promote various immunization programmes.

To educate students about safety measures and handle emergency situations.

Health programmes in Indian schools are often supported by external agencies or supports group. A regular team of doctors and health experts can also provide a valuable service to observe the conditions in the campus and the status of the students.

As a conclusion one can say that health awareness and basic training is an essential component of the education and must be integrated in the academics of the students.

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