It is vital that the parents establish a time-based regimen from the early age stages of a child’s life. There should be a set pattern devoted to both doing homework and playing outdoors and helping out with house chores. Planning the weekend is very useful. This is a time when the child has more time than on school days. The weekend could be sued to catch upon pending assignments and for planning ahead the school week. Similarly, if the child has been studying very hard during the weekdays, the weekends should be used to ensure that he is fresh and ready for the week ahead. Time management eventually translates into the child finding enough time for each of his activities and homework isn’t just squeezed in the daily pattern of activities.

Developing the Right Attitude
A child as young as someone in the first grade needs to understand that doing homework isn’t a matter a choice rather it is an absolute necessity. This may require the parents to behave a bit stricter than they usually are, but once this idea is set in the child’s psychology it seldom requires the parents to explain it again. This one-time effort is essential to make sure that the child looks upon completing his school assignments as a part of his daily routine and not as a predicament.

Encouraging a Struggling Child
Some children have more difficulty in getting used to sitting down in a place and studying and completing their homework. For such children, the parents have to exhibit how easy it is to concentrate. For this, if the child is facing difficulty in reading for more than a few minutes, the parents should sit down with him and they should read together. If the child complains about too much homework, help him out and tell him that he is not alone in this.

What is ‘Helping-out’ with Homework?
The parents should be careful and not get over-involved with the child’s studies. They are supposed to provide guidance and not answers for school assignment. By providing answers, the child’s learning abilities get compromised and he would become dependent on his parents rather than seeking their assistance and his own efforts get compromised.

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