Apart from formal school education there are many alternatives arrangements recognized in many parts of the world. A homeschool is one such institution, which allows the children to receive the education at home.

Homeschools have existed in the past when the entire family was altogether responsible for teaching the kids. The practice is still being continued in the developed countries, where parents educate the children at home. The kids receiving such education do not attend the schools, but tutors may be arranged for teaching them different subjects.

The curriculum of homeschools is specially designed so that the child receives all necessary instructions in various stages of development. Moreover, the parents may be interested to admit their child to school or college later on and therefore it is very necessary that the child is competent enough to sit with those of his peers.

The Indian Perspective
Homeschools as alternative methods of educating the children are not much popular in India. A few educated parents or those who can arrange for the tuitions and other necessities of educating the child at home. Children mostly go to the regular schools.

There are no particular guidelines for homeschools in India. Different schools admit the children who have been educated at home after scrutinizing their capacities and abilities and then putting them in the right grade. However, in secondary and senior secondary standards, the students are required to attend the regular schools.

The concept of homeschools could have been a panacea and relieved the suffering education system in India, especially at places where no schools are located. However, the prime location where there is dearth of schools are those in villages and distant towns. At these places the parents of the students are themselves not very much educated and therefore cannot educate their children at home. It is due to this reason that open schools are largely found in these places.

Homeschools Vs Open Schools
Both open schools and homeschools in India offer the alternative methods of educating the children. But there is one difference and that is in open schools, though education does not take place as in regular schools, still some facility or center has to be used and attendance of the students once in a while has to be ascertained. Open schools are established in areas where proper resources cannot be made available. However, in homeschooling, there may be enough resources at the disposal of the parents, but it is there will to educate the child at home.

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