In the present world, where education is counted as one of the basic necessity for survival, the unending demand for schools has made investment in this sector profitable and lucrative. Moreover, starting a school is a rewarding venture as it helps you to gain respect in the society and fetch huge profits for years to come.

In order to start a school in India, you need to follow a stepwise procedure mentioned below.

Form a Society/Trust registered under the Societies Registration Act or the India Trust Act. Further, make sure that the Society/Trust you form is non-proprietary in nature.
Create a business plan highlighting all the income ; expenses, number of students & teachers for your school, promotional techniques etc. So, this plan will give you a rough idea about how you will be establishing your school.
Next select a site for the construction of your school and acquire the land in that area. Buy the land according to your need. For instance, an area of around 1 acre is sufficient for a primary school, whereas for a formal 10+2 school an area of approximately 2 acres is required.
Further, get your business plan and the site approved from the state government and attain the NOC from the DoE to certify the need of your school in that area.
Now, begin with the construction. Make sure that the school building accommodates ample number of classrooms. Apart from this, include other important rooms such as subject labs, library, activities room, staff room etc. Facilities such as furniture, drainage system, water & electricity supplies etc. are some of the other things that you need to take care of.
Next, acquire recognition from Department of education (DoE) and gain affiliation from either CBSE or ICSE board of education.
Further, introduce your school to the locality by opting for extensive promotional strategies such as displaying board/hoardings advertising your school, circulating pamphlets, conducting local events etc.
Lastly, consult a placement agency to hire skilled professionals for your school. You may also invite applications for different posts and interview prospective candidates on your own.
However, the task of starting a school in India is time-consuming, complicated and requires approvals from various government authorities. So, an easy way out is to take up a school franchise of an established brand. When it comes to formal school franchise, SHEMFORD is the best choice. It provides a successful franchise model and guarantees complete support in terms of site selection, financial assistance, recruitment process etc. So, become a franchisee of your own SHEMFORD and start a school in India with ease. To start with, fill the simple Franchise Application Form given here.

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