When we talk about the branded and established schools, one name that strikes every mind is Delhi Public School, popularly abbreviated as DPS. DPS stands out as one of the top brands in providing quality education. With its motto “Serving before Self”, the DPS Society has been serving our country since 1949. The DPS Society has expanded its wide-network through its branches spread across the country and Abroad.

So, if you too wish to become a part of the DPS group of schools and serve the society at large, then go through the easy procedure to become a Delhi Public School franchisee:

To become a franchisee, you must be well-qualified and must have good educational background. Also, you should have some experience and knowledge to operate a school.
Next, you should be financially stable because you need to invest at least Rs. 1 crore to start your new school.
Further, you need to ascertain the land requirements for the school. The land selected for the school should have minimum 1-2 acres or above in a residential area.
After selecting the land, you need to get the site approved by the DPS Management. For this, you need to pay a specified amount prescribed by the Management, which is refundable.
Next, you need to sign the Memorandum of Undertaking (MoU) with the DPS Society, for which you need to pay 30% of the license fee in advance.
Once you have signed the MoU, you can start constructing the school building according to the DPS standards of educational environment.
After the construction process is over, you need to sign the franchise agreement and pay the remaining franchise fee.
During the whole process, you need to keep updating the DPS Society regarding the preparations for pre-launch of the branch in order to get continuous support from the Management, with respect to promotion, recruitment and training of the staff etc.
Now that your school has launched, you must keep in regular contact with the DPS society to gain expertise under its guidance and also to maintain the education standards laid down by DPS. In return of this, the management will charge 20% royalty fee on the student’s tuition fee.

So, this is the basic procedure to become a DPS franchisee. DPS, Pinjore is a DPS franchise that provides the same level of facilities as prescribed by the DPS Society. It offers lucrative franchise opportunities too. So, you can consider to take its franchise.

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