Education is an ever-growing sector in India and offers potential business opportunities to all those who wish to invest in this sector. Due to the increasing awareness and the need for standardized education, the concept of franchising in the education sector is fast-gaining importance in our country. The best aspect of spending in an education franchise is that you will be able to work on an already established business. Moreover, investment in a school franchise is a lucrative venture for both the franchisor and franchisee. However, a franchisee reaps more benefits as compared to the franchisor. Hence, it will be a wise decision to own a school franchise.

Given below are the steps to become a school franchisee:

Firstly, analyse the type of school you want to open. Then, look for the prospective schools that offer franchising benefits and select the best from amongst them as per your requirement.
Next, arrange for funds to establish your school. However, the amount of investment will depend upon the type of school and the location you choose. Ideally, a playschool demands an investment of Rs. 5-6 lakhs and a primary school Rs. 12-15 lakhs. Whereas for a formal school, the minimum amount of investment required is Rs. 2 crores.
Then, pay the requisite franchise fee and sign the franchise agreement with the franchisor.
Once you sign the agreement, the franchisor will assist you to look for a suitable location and also help you to acquire the land that suits your requirements. Usually, an area of 1-2 acres will be sufficient to accommodate the school building and a playground as well.
Further, the trained professionals and technical expertise of the franchisor will help you with the construction process. They will assist you with designing the infrastructure of your school.
After the construction process is over, the franchisor will help you to recruit trained and qualified candidates for your school. However, it must be ensured that you hire competent and experienced candidates that suit your requirements.
Also, it is important to advertise your school to make it known to the prospective parents. Therefore, the franchisor will suggest you with effective marketing strategies such as newspaper and T.V. advertisements, through pamphlets and flyers etc., which will invite more admissions to your school.

So, these are the steps which will help you to gain the right of using the existing business model of an established brand and become a school franchisee. SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools is a renowned name in the education sector and offers lucrative franchise opportunity to all the aspiring investors. SHEMFORD provides training and support at every step and thereafter as well. Therefore, to reap the benefits as a SHEMFORD franchise, fill the Franchise Application Form given below.

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