The franchising business is one of the newest businesses in India which is growing rapidly and with the increasing importance of education and demand for more educational institutions, franchising in the education sector has been gaining popularity and has become more evident these days. To be more specific, the school franchises are growing in numbers. This is because of the fact that it offers great opportunities to people who have passion about teaching and wants to serve the noble cause of imparting education. Therefore, if you too want to start your own business in the education sector, then buying a school franchise is the best option. Go through the following steps to get an idea about the procedure to buy a school franchise.

First, you need to select a school that offers franchise opportunities to budding entrepreneurs.
After that, you need to get a franchise application form of the franchising school and properly fill and submit it to the respective school along with the prescribed franchise fee.

Next, you need to select a site and obtain the land for opening your school. Make sure that the land is spread over an area of around 1 acre in case you are opening a primary school. However, the land area should be somewhere around 2 acres in case you want to open a senior secondary school.
After acquiring the land, you need to get it approved from the franchising school following which you need to pay a part of the license fee to the school.
Further, you need to sign a Memorandum of Undertaking/Franchise Agreement form in the presence of school management. Make sure to read all the clauses and the terms & conditions before signing the agreement.
After signing the agreement, you need to begin with the construction. Ensure that your school conforms to the standards of the franchising school. After the construction, you are required to pay the remaining license fee after the approval of the school building from the management.
Next, you need to hire teaching and non-teaching staff for your school as per the guidelines issued by the franchising school.
Lastly, you need to promote your school in the neighboring locality. For that, you may seek assistance of the marketing department of the franchising school which will provide you with necessary marketing materials.

These are the basic steps that you need to follow in order to buy a school franchise. There are a large number of franchising options available in India. However, SHEMFORD is one of those brands that offer cost-effective franchises. With over 50+ branches, SHEMFORD guarantees 100% support and provides the school with a uniquely developed system of education in addition to CBSE affiliation. So, to get associated with SHEMFORD, fill the franchise application form given here.

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