In today’s world, education is one of the major factors which determine the growth and development of a country. The main segment of the education sector is the formal schooling. This is because formal schools not only focus on educating children, but also contribute to their physical, emotional & social development and prepare them for higher grades.

Moreover, with the growing population of the educated parents, there is a demand for more quality schools. Seeing this, many people are opening their own schools. Moreover, opening a school is a profitable venture and helps you to earn respect in the society. So, if you too want to establish a school in India, go through the following pointers.

Firstly, you need to arrange funds for the establishment of your school. Typically, an investment of around Rs.2-3 Crores is required to establish a school in India. However, you may arranged this huge amount of investment by borrowing it from money lenders or taking loan from a financial institution.
Secondly, you need to form an association and get it registered as a society/trust to show its not-for-profit character. Make sure that you include members who are financially stable and have the technical knowledge required to set up a school.
Thirdly, you need to get the No-objection certificate from the Directorate of Education in order to certify the need of your school in a specific area.
Next, you need to search a land for the construction of the school building. While selecting the land make sure that it is available for institutional/commercial purposes. Remember that you will easily get the land from the land owing agency, but for that you need to obtain the letter of sponsorship from the DoE.
As soon as you obtain the land, you need to commence with the construction of the school building. Make sure that classrooms are spacious and are properly lit, library is well-stocked with appropriate books, there is an optimum supply of water and electricity, medical room is well equipped with all the basic facilities etc.
Once your school is complete with all the required facilities, you need to get your school recognized and affiliated to the concerned authorities.
After completing the above mentioned formalities, you need to hire people for teaching and non-teaching staff. For that, you need to interview potential candidates to select the best staff for your school.
Lastly, you need to promote your school to get it noticed and recognized in the community. So, for that you need to organize seminars, press conference or other local events such as book fairs, workshops for parents etc.
However, starting a school in India on your own can be a little troublesome. So, owing a franchise of an established brand is the simplest way out. By doing so, you can automatically gain people’s attention. SHEMFORD is one of the well-established & renowned preschools chains in India. It provides fruitful opportunities for those who want to establish a school in India. The support team at the head office guarantees you complete support throughout the entire process and thereafter too. So, join hands with SHEMFORD and establish a school in India with ease. Fill the Franchise Contact Form to get consultant’s advice.

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