Franchising is a long term association of two entities namely- a franchisor and one or more franchisees, based on an agreement wherein the franchisor officially grants the privilege to its franchisees to conduct his business operations. In India, many sectors have adopted the franchising model like food and beverage, travel and tourism, retail, health care, IT and education sector etc. Amongst these sectors, education franchise options are on a high rise in India, owning to the demand for standard education. There are various franchise opportunities in the education sector viz. playschool, preschool, day-care centre, formal 10+2 school, learning centre and training institute. Such educational institutions aim at grooming the students both academically as well as socially.

School franchise in India has great prospects as the demand for the same is unending. Hence, the following information will guide you and give you an insight if you wish to take a school franchise.

To begin with, you need to search for various schools that offer franchising model and then select the best amongst them. After you have decided the school with which you want to get associated to, you need to pay the requisite franchise fee.
After completing the formalities, the franchisor will help you to select the location to set up the school. If possible, select a residential area as it will ensure easy accessibility of students.
Once, the location is chosen, the franchisor will give you an estimate of the land required to set up the school. Ideally, an area of 2-3 acres will suffice the essential requirements namely- spacious classrooms, activity rooms, playground, auditorium, gymnasium etc.
In addition to this, the franchisor will help you with the construction process as well. The trained professionals of the franchisor will help you to design a blueprint that will define the dimensions of the infrastructural requirements. A well planned and well designed infrastructure will attract more admissions to your school.
Further, the franchisor will help you to recruit the teaching and non-teaching staff. The professionals hired by the franchisor will help you not only with recruitment but with the training of the staff as well.
Now, when you are through with the recruitment process, it is time to endorse the school. The franchisor will assist you in promoting your school and help you to implement various marketing techniques such as hoardings, flyers, pamphlets, advertisements on radio and T.V. etc. To make your brand known, it is advisable to continue promoting your school for a considerable period of time.
After promoting your school for a reasonable period of time, your school is ready to start its operations.
It must be noted that the basic procedure to get a franchise remains the same. However, different franchisors undertake different approaches to enter into an agreement with the franchisees. In India, SHEMFORD Group of Schools is one of the leading brands in the education sector. With 50+ branches, SHEMFORD Futuristic Schools offer the best franchisee model in terms of technical expertise and support in every sphere i.e. from selecting the location till the school starts functioning and thereafter as well. So hurry, fill this Franchise Application Form and be a proud member of the SHEMFORD family.

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