Franchising is one of the effective ways to expand the existing business. It involves two parties- a franchisor and one or more franchisee. Through franchising, the franchisee gets the privilege to use the brand name of an existing successful firm (i.e. the franchisor) and adapt its proven business concept. These days, the concept of franchising in the education sector is fast gaining importance. A lot of schools are offering lucrative franchise opportunities to start play schools, primary schools and formal 10+2 schools, in order to expand their networks. So, if you wish to get a franchise school in West Bengal, then go through the points given below:

Firstly, look for schools that offer franchise opportunities and select the best amongst them.
Secondly, determine the type of school you want to invest in. You can opt for a play school, primary school or a formal 10+2 school.
Thirdly, decide upon the amount of capital required to be invested to start your school. However, the amount of investment will depend upon the type of school you want to open. For instance, to start playschool you need to invest approximately Rs. 5-6 lakhs, for a primary school around Rs. 12-15 lakhs, whereas for a formal 10+2 school, the amount of investment may reach up to Rs.1-2 crores.
The next step is to choose a location to start your school in West Bengal. You may consider Kolkata, Howrah, Siliguri, Durgapur or any other area in the state to start your school.
Once you have decided upon the location, the next step is to acquire land for your school. However, the area of land required will depend upon the type of school you want to start. For a preschool 5,000-6,000 sq. ft. is required whereas for a formal school the land required is approximately 1-2 acres (to accommodate the school building and playground).
Further, get the land approved from the school managing committee, failing to which you cannot begin with construction process.
After getting the sanction, obtain all the essential documents from the concerned authorities. This implies that you need to obtain the NOC from the State Department of Education, sanction from the local authorities such as the municipal corporation, to gain recognition etc.

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