Franchising is an association of two bodies namely, a franchisor and one or more franchisees on the basis of an agreement wherein the franchisor grants the right to its franchisees to use his business name and carry out his business operations. Many sectors in India like health care, food & beverage, education, IT, travel & tourism etc. have adopted the franchising model to expand their business. Amongst all these, the education sector is dominating the franchise industry in India, due to the unending demand for standard education. Within the education sector, there are various franchise opportunities like playschool, formal school, learning center, training institute etc.

However, owing a school franchise has greater prospects as the demand for the same is increasing day by day. If you wish to take a school franchise, go through the following information.

Firstly, you need to search and make a list of all those edupreneurs that offer franchise opportunities and select one amongst the rest.
Next, you need to get the franchise application form and fill in all the details properly and submit the form to the school management along with a requisite franchise fee.
After that, you need to look for a land. For this, you may either seek assistance from the franchisor in the site selection or you may find the land on your own and get it approved by the management.
Further, you need to start with the construction process. However, before starting with the construction, design a layout of your school in consultancy with the school management to ensure that your school complies with the standards set by the franchising school.
Next, you need to sign the franchise agreement form agreeing to all the terms & conditions mentioned in the form. Make sure to keep the original copy with yourself and submit the photocopy to the franchisor.
After signing the agreement, you need to appoint well-qualified and trained professionals for your school. You may seek assistance from the HR Department of the franchising school. They will help you to recruit potential candidates.
After that, in order to get your school noticed you need to promote it in your locality for a considerable period of time. For this, a marketing kit will be provided to you by the franchisor.
So, this is the basic procedure to get a school franchise. However, if you are confused regarding the choice of school with which you want to get associated, SHEMFORD is the solution. SHEMFORD Futuristic School has spread across India and abroad with over 50+ branches in a short span of 3 years. It offers lucrative school franchise opportunities to establish a school under the brand name SHEMFORD. With a unique educational system and excellent business model it ensures a promising future and success for your school. so, be a proud owner of your own SHEMFORD branch by filling the franchise application form given here.

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