Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the most trusted board of education for private and unaided schools, under the Union Government of India. A school affiliated with CBSE gets various advantages like it helps in preparing the curriculum, innovative teaching- learning, setting examination pattern, raises the academic standards of the school. It also prepares curriculum and innovate teaching-learning methodologies to create student friendly environment

CBSE grants affiliation to various schools like government or government aided, schools run by government department, private, unaided etc. If you are planning to open a school or already running a school, it is essential to get it affiliated by CBSE, to make it a landmark in quality education. The procedure and affiliation charges depend on kinds of affiliation.

CBSE provides 3 kinds of affiliation i.e. provisional, permanent and temporary for the following reasons:

For approval of Middle Class Syllabus or additional subjects, if your school is already affiliated.
For upgrading your school to senior or senior secondary level.
For extension of Provisional Affiliation upto Secondary / Senior Secondary level.

Applying for affiliation

After selecting the required affiliation for your school, you need to visit nearby Regional Office of CBSE. There are 8 regional offices of CBSE in India, their list and contact numbers are easily available online. Instead of visiting the regional office, you can visit the CBSE’s official website and apply for affiliation by filling the online form available.

Essential Documents

It is essential to attach the following set of documents with your application form:

Copy of Registration letter of the Society, under Society Registration Act.
Land Certificate from concerned authority.
Affidavit of non- proprietary character of society.
NOC letter from the Education Department of the state.

Affiliation bye laws

To ensure the affiliation of your school, it is mandatory that your school should meet the CBSE standards of education. Some necessary conditions are given below as per CBSE Bye Laws to get the affiliation:

The selected land must be 2 acres or at least 1acre for metropolitan cities.
No Objection Certificate is the mandatory document obtained by Department Of Education.
Availability of minimum 1sq.metre floor space per student is required.
Suitable furniture and office equipments should be available in your school. Your school must have a science and home science lab, a library and a computer lab with minimum 10 computers.
Availability of well qualified teaching staff is required to sufficiently teach respective sections.
Payment of salaries to staff should not be less than the corresponding categories of employees in the State/Central Government.
Your school should have proper provision and facilities available for physically challenged students.
The sanitary conditions, drinking water and fire safety precautions in your school should be according to prescribed standards of Municipal Authority of your area.
Students’ fee should be according to the facilities available in your school.

Fee Structure

The fee structure depends on the type of affiliation and type of school (govt., private, aided etc.) Given below is the fee structure in respect of Private Schools:

For middle class syllabus: Rs.25, 000/-
For provisional affiliation of secondary classes: Rs. 75,000/- or Rs.50, 000/- (if already affiliated upto Middle Class)
For upgrading Senior Secondary level: Rs.50, 000/- or Rs. 1 ,25, 000/- (If switch over from other board)
For addition of subject: Rs.5, 000/- per subject (Science subject) or Rs.3, 000/- (Other subject)
For extension of provisional affiliation: Rs.25, 000/-

The fee is to be submitted by Demand Draft drawn in favour of Secretary, Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi.

Hence, all the essentialities given in the above overview has to be fulfilled, failing to fulfill any of these will led to rejection of your affiliation. However, merely getting a CBSE certificate is not enough to run a school. For imparting quality education and to become the most trusted school in education fraternity; you need to maintain the quality education by exploring, revising and innovating the resources of teaching, teaching strategies, learning environment etc.

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