School Franchise has proven to be the best way to invest your money, to avoid your competition with the established brands in education field as a newcomer. Since, you are inexperienced and unaware of the Do’s and Don’ts to run a successful school, it is beneficial to take the franchisee path and emerge as a brand name in education.

The best advantage of a school franchisee is getting the benefits of a known brand that limits the option of any new upcoming brand. When franchisee and franchisor signs the agreement, the franchisee gets the continuous support of expert management from franchisor for establishing and running a school.

In India, when we talk about trusted brands of education, DPS stands out as one of the top brands in providing quality education. With its motto ‘’Service before Self’’, DPS society has been serving our country since 1949. They have many branches spread across all over India and few in abroad too, signed under their franchising system. If you too are thinking to become a member of DPS society and serve the cause of spreading education then check out the general procedure given below to make your work easy:

Procedure for becoming a franchisee of DPS educational society:

1. Qualified Franchisee

For becoming the franchisee, you should be well qualified and should have good educational background, to understand the importance of providing education and serve the country.

2. Finance required

Good financial leverage is a mandatory requirement, because you as a franchisee is required to invest 8- 10 lakhs or above for opening a new school.

3. Selection of a site

The land selected for the school should have minimum of 3000-4500 sqft or above of floor space in a residential area.

4. Approval of site

After selecting the land for your school, the next step is to get its approval by DPS management. For applying approval, you need to pay a required amount decided by management, which is refundable.

5. Sign MoU

After the approval of selected site, you have to sign a Memorandum of Undertaking (MoU) with DPS society by paying 30% of their license fees in advance.

6. Building of school infrastructure

Once the MoU is signed, you can start building the infrastructure and interiors of the school as per DPS standards of educational environment.

7. Franchisee agreement

After completion of construction of the school, Franchisee signs the Franchisee Agreement by paying the balance of the license fees.

8. Pre- launch

Franchisee needs to update DPS society throughout the preparation for launching its branch, to get continuous support from management for its promotion, training and recruiting the faculty etc.

9. Post-launch

Once your branch is launched, you need to stay in continuous touch with DPS society to remain under its expert guidance of management and to maintain the education standards of your branch

10. Royalty

In return, management will charge the 20% royalty on the tuition fee of students studying in your DPS branch.

However, this is a general procedure to get franchise of DPS society, for further information you can directly visit DPS or any of its nearest branch. You can also leave your information in “franchisee inquiry column” on its official website.

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